Chatting To My Mirror Poem by Ayhan Diril

Chatting To My Mirror

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As the clock strikes it's almost night.
There starts a fight in my heart.
I gaze at you dear mirror on the wall.
As I start chatting to you, in my deep trance.

Tell me the truth dear mirror of mine
When you first got sight of me
Just tell me how long have I lived.
How much time have I spent in this world?

Why is it I'm feeling dizzy
As the world twirls round and round?
How much sunshine beat on that head of mine.
No need to hide the truth, tell me where is my youth

Is it you or is it me getting older?
How often I combed my hair in front of you dear mirror?
Where has my head of thick bright hair gone?
How fast time has flown, and soon I'll be alone.

I wonder if the blowing wind has worn you or me so thin.
Can you recognize this face easily, dear mirror?
My youthful features gone but not forgotten.
Is it really me or someone else am I in a dream?

I can't remember it, can you? How often I was happy or sad
Maybe you can tell me where those standing next to me have gone.
I know they left me one by one dear mirror, can you tell me?
How many times have I dried my face while gazing at you?

While you gazed at me after the April rain dear mirror of mine,
Come chat with me dear mirror, Give me answers dear mirror of mine.

David Wood 28 November 2022

Age is how you feel, have a read of my poem Mirror you may get a different perspective…

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