B.M Lewis

B.M Lewis Poems

1. Anger 5/7/2012
2. Don'T Give Up 5/7/2012
3. I'Ll Be Here 5/7/2012
4. Invisible Knife 5/7/2012
5. Moving On 5/7/2012
6. Oh, Romeo, Oh Marvin 5/7/2012
7. Fearless 5/8/2012
8. Never See Me Cy 5/8/2012
9. Lord Come To Me 12/6/2012
10. I Am Death 4/26/2012
11. Just A Girl 11/26/2013
12. Because Of You 11/26/2013
13. More Than Teenage Love 11/26/2013
14. Nightmares 11/26/2013
15. Scars 11/26/2013
16. Just Remember 11/26/2013
17. Life Sucks 11/26/2013
18. Never Be Alone 11/26/2013
19. One Single Shard 11/26/2013
20. Freedom 11/26/2013
21. Not Like Romeo And Juliet 4/26/2012
22. Broken Soldiers 12/6/2012
23. I See Only You 11/26/2013
24. Missing Girl 11/26/2013
25. Tell Me Why 4/26/2012
26. I Want You 12/6/2012

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Best Poem of B.M Lewis

I Want You

The things you do to me,
the desire,
the passion,
the longing,
how can I handle this?
I want more than anything
to be in your arms,
to feel safe with you,
to have your mouth on mine,
to drown in your sweetness.
I want to stare into your beautiful eyes
I want your hands intertwined with mine
I want to be close to you
and never let you go
I want to fall
and have you catch me
I want to have the opportunity
to be myself around you.
I want to spend every moment that
I can with you.
I want to be with you forever.
I want you

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The burn to my heart,
The flames in my eyes,
The crimson color of my face,
You know I'm tired of your lies.
When I see your face,
I see only red.
I hear your words, and
The things that you said.
I know you have you secrets.

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