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1. Just A Friend 2/10/2012
2. Takes Over 2/10/2012
3. Jimmy 2/10/2012
4. Depressed 2/10/2012
5. Daddy Forever 2/10/2012
6. To You... 2/10/2012
7. Goodbye... 2/11/2012
8. R I P Phil Estrada Us Navy 2/10/2012
9. Pancho 2/12/2012
10. A New Song 2/12/2012
11. Open Your Eyes 2/29/2012
12. True Feelings 2/29/2012
13. Should Have Known 4/21/2012
14. Darkness Passed 4/21/2012
15. This Smile 4/21/2012
16. Dont Cry 5/11/2012
17. Waiting 2/18/2012
18. Save Them 12/20/2014
19. 'Rich' 2/23/2015
20. I Gave Up 2/25/2015
21. Thing Of The Past 4/1/2015
22. The Only Way Out 4/2/2015
23. Some Day 4/2/2015
24. This Love For You 2/29/2012
25. Alone 5/25/2012
26. Feb.14th 2/11/2012
27. Dark Clouds 2/25/2015
28. Wrong Choices 2/28/2012
29. Joseph 4/13/2015
30. Only You Saw 4/1/2015
31. Unselfish 2/29/2012
32. Opened My Heart 2/18/2012
33. In A Rage 2/10/2012


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In A Rage

how can you hurt someone you love, love isnt a punch kick slap or shove.
i know its hard in you leaving so you stay change in him you keep believing.
he says he loves you yeah that might be true again in a rage he beats on you. love isnt suposed to hurt yet you let him keep treating you like dirt.
how many times has he said hes sorry ill never hit you again. sorry is a word always misused look in the mirror you dont have to be abused. is that love inside you feel slapping punching kicking brusing now thats for real... these words i say with one last breath LEAVE before he loves you...

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Just A Friend

never really happy as you can see a frown on my face may forever be, feelings of sadness deep down inside broken heart that i can not hide, loving no other like i loved before knowing our love will be no more, what we had in the past is over it couldnt last, love we had was oh so true still cant believe we are through. happieness shared ment alot t

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