Barry A. Lanier Poems

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Moment In The Morn

The slow founts of dawn,
On a cool winters day.
Cast but one momentous shadow,
Where the new fawn once lay.

Btwelve Red Roses #1 This Week

The first red rose
Sent out of season
The second red rose
Sent for no reason

Bfont Color=redliving Life With Barry Ii

Well, such an interesting week this one.
Having a counseling class with thirteen
women and the topic of discussion was
sex and relationships. I was like a little boy

Ba Feeling I Can'T Forget

In the summer of life,
By chance we first met.
The day I can't remember,
The feeling I can't forget.

Blittle Cricket (#1 Poem)

His ballad sets the evening sun,
Bidding all farewell, the day is done.
While twilight ushers in the dew,
Welcomed chirps, that bid adeau.


Should love be a gentle, misting rain,
I'm searching for the roaring thunder.
It always thunders, when I'm fishin'.
Have fished all my life,

Blittle River (Author Favorite)

Why hurry little river?
Off to the sea.
All there is to do, tis'sink in blue,
And all forgotten be.

A Cold Beer

There's something about a cold beer,
I can't really put my finger on it!
Maybe it's because it's much better,
Before you drink it.

A Poet Is A Naughty Child But

A good poet is a naughty child.
Breaking hearts.
Playing with people's emotions.
Stirring up forgotten memories.

Ba Poor Man's Dream

A family of eight and times were hard, so very hard
The poor man a dishwasher in an exclusive restaurant
Serving the rich and famous, CEO's and Senators
His highlight on most days a nap during his break

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