Blittle River (Author Favorite) Poem by Barry A. Lanier

Blittle River (Author Favorite)

Rating: 5.0

Why hurry little river?
Off to the sea.
All there is to do, tis'sink in blue,
And all forgotten be.

Stay right here with me,
In the pasture and mead.
Where graceful maples rest,
And grazing cattle feed.

O' my melancholy river,
Fed by lazy, winding streams.
Slow down thy hurried pace,
Linger in my woodland dreams.

Little river rest,
Your banks so clean and fair.
Wild Toms edge out a drink,
On a wing and prayer.

In August heat and sunbeams glisten,
O'er your shallows and sandbars listen.
In nocturnal reverence you're so divine,
My little river, defying all but time.

Your whisping willows haven,
Bluebirds sleeping in their nest,
Brittle branches sway and swerve,
Steadfast they stand the test.

My little river that goes to and fro,
You wander as if, a need to know.
In Southern air, facing snows embrace,
Run fast or slow, you've won the race.

So why hurry, little river?
Trickling off to oceans sea.
All to do, forget the blue,
And stay right here with me.

Susan Lacovara 22 September 2014

I can almost hear the rush of the river...And I too, wish it to slow down, so to enjoy it's beauty....such calm! A wonderful write that eases the soul. Well done! PEACE

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Ken E Hall 31 January 2012

A pleasure to read the little river where would we be without them and all the life that lives in the river magic...regards

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