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The slow founts of dawn,
On a cool winters day.
Cast but one momentous shadow,
Where the new fawn once lay.

The first red rose
Sent out of season
The second red rose
Sent for no reason

Well, such an interesting week this one.
Having a counseling class with thirteen
women and the topic of discussion was
sex and relationships. I was like a little boy

In the summer of life,
By chance we first met.
The day I can't remember,
The feeling I can't forget.

His ballad sets the evening sun,
Bidding all farewell, the day is done.
While twilight ushers in the dew,
Welcomed chirps, that bid adeau.

Should love be a gentle, misting rain,
I'm searching for the roaring thunder.
It always thunders, when I'm fishin'.
Have fished all my life,

There's something about a cold beer,
I can't really put my finger on it!
Maybe it's because it's much better,
Before you drink it.

Why hurry little river?
Off to the sea.
All there is to do, tis'sink in blue,
And all forgotten be.

A good poet is a naughty child.
Breaking hearts.
Playing with people's emotions.
Stirring up forgotten memories.

A family of eight and times were hard, so very hard
The poor man a dishwasher in an exclusive restaurant
Serving the rich and famous, CEO's and Senators
His highlight on most days a nap during his break

Mistress of passion,
Steal thy eye.
Fluid with flesh,
Bodies to mesh.


For all that we take with us,
We leave so much behind.

Over mountains and valleys
Soaring the skies in view
Random truths and wisdom
Coming only in soltitude


Where two hearts meet,
And know the destination.
Where two minds meet,
Knowing all of the thoughts.

Once I looked right into, a rainbow's eye
Sparkling spectrums of beauty, adorning a sky
Sheated in pastels of love, and ravishing flow
Delivering a promise, God wanted me to know

Lacing out those lines
While capturing young minds
Diction tailored to trust
By Yoonoss Peerbocus

A small table in the bedroom
Folding chairs in the living room
A cheap Olivetti hand me down
Sometimes it works fine

Nothing lasts forever
I've always known that truth
But never knew how true it was
'Til I was losing you

A rose makes a woman smile
Fills her heart with sweet delight
Reminds her how a love should be
And keeps her warm at night

Barry A. Lanier Biography

Barry, grew up on a farm in rural Georgia, working on the farm until college where he attended Georgia Southern College and later Mercer University Southern School of Pharmacy. After pharmacy school, Barry farmed for four years before economics forced him to practice pharmacy, which he also loved because of his passion for people. In and out of pharmacy, Barry has been a songwriter, an insurance agent, went back to Georgia Southern entering the MBA program, which he had to dropp out of after opening a retail sporting goods store. The outdoors and sporting and hunting and fishing always a passion. Returning to pharmacy, traveling the state for years, taking a haitus and learning to drive an 18-wheeler, always a goal, he has a CDL license. Currently Barry has earned a Master's degree in Community Counseling from Georgia Southern University and is working as a counselor/therapist. He became interested in writing in high school when his mentor, Jessie Bird, suggested he had an innate creative talent after he wrote 'Moment In The Morn'. Only some 25 years later did he start back writing. Discovering his geneaology and heritage included being a descendant of Sidney Clopton Lanier who wrote 'Marshes of Glynn', and of Thomas Lanier (Tennessee Williams) who was originally a failed poet, Barry was motivated to begin his journey of writing. Many of his poems have been published nationally and internationally and he has been honored for a decade by the International House of Poetry for many awards. His new book ' A Slice of Life-Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet' is scheduled for publication in the Summer of 2009. When asked about his poetry, Barry admits, ' I have no special ambition, other than to give back hopefully a portion of what has been freely given to me, and should my written words help just one person, then my efforts have been a success.')

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Moment In The Morn

The slow founts of dawn,
On a cool winters day.
Cast but one momentous shadow,
Where the new fawn once lay.

Pausing silently in the moment,
Sensing fresh dew on the sod.
Delight in the advent,
And the glory of God.

That still in the early,
And the middle of morn.
Forget for one moment,
Life's trials and its scorn.

So tell me of virtue,
Sweet family and home.
Tis' my God of Thee,
Give me this moment alone.

Morning shall soon pass,
As I linger and yearn.
Praying my God of Thee,
For this moment's return.

(Authors First Poem)

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