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81. Louise Lou Weez 5/30/2006
82. Love Is Dead In Los Angeles 5/31/2006
83. Luci Ann I'M A Dying Man 5/31/2006
84. Midori Has A Sad Story 6/16/2006
85. Murdered Malaysian Mistress 3/30/2007
86. My Blood Is Drowning In Wine 5/31/2006
87. My Heart Sings For Christmas And On Each New Year 6/1/2006
88. My Most Famous Poem 5/31/2006
89. My Soul Screams Out 6/29/2010
90. Natas' Stripper Nation 7/2/2006
91. No No No No! 12/15/2006
92. No Sorrow Drops Down From Heaven 2/15/2007
93. Noelle's Birthday Poem 5/30/2006
94. Number 69~ Tribute Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam 2/25/2009
95. Ode To My Satyriasis Addiction 6/1/2006
96. On Watching My Lover Through A Window 3/28/2007
97. One Hundred Million Tears 5/23/2007
98. Phobiaphobiaphobiaphobiaphobia 6/21/2007
99. Pretty Lil' Princess 1/30/2007
100. Purple Purpulation 11/26/2008
101. Rana 11/26/2008
102. Requiem For A Murderer 3/24/2009
103. Roar 10/28/2008
104. Rosalynn Whose Heart I May Not Win 6/1/2006
105. Rosie Has A Fantasy 5/31/2006
106. Schizophrenia Shirlee 6/1/2006
107. Shelley's Salute-In My Love I Will Fail 5/31/2006
108. Sleepwalking Through Life 11/30/2007
109. So I Loved Skittles And Let Go Of Her Hand 10/19/2006
110. Soft Pink Hand Red Silk Panty 11/29/2008
111. Soft Smile 9/13/2007
112. Sorrow Drops From Heaven 9/21/2006
113. Stuck Between Death And Creation 10/28/2008
114. Susan 10/16/2008
115. Susan I Remember You 5/30/2006
116. Thanksgiving's Funniest Ever! ! Repeat! 11/23/2006
117. The Deep Dark Chasm Of Recurring Pain That Is Life 7/24/2007
118. The Eternal Peace Of Heaven 10/4/2010
119. The Tortured Princess 5/30/2006
120. There Is No She 9/12/2012
Best Poem of BEAU GOLDEN

Happy Dreams Of Murder

I'll tell you what is wrong with me
I hope you will not weep
Happy dreams of marder are enchanting my nights sleep

Nothing wakes me late at night sedatives stopped all that
I wouldn't even wake up if you hit me with a bat
My dreams are filled with bloodshed the massacre won't stop
I can't restrain the pleasure i gain from spilling every drop

I've killed the guys who've pissed me off every worthless sot
Killed Franks, and Jeffs, and many Bobs, and a guy whose name was Lott
My method is machine gun as they lined up in their cue
Perhaps they are all lawyers ...

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Louise Lou Weez

Once i had a daisy
I held it in a vase
It allowed me to get lazy
I worried about my face
Then i chewed on the daisy
And i broke it's stupid vase
And the whole damn thing exploded
Back right in my face
You See-A rhyme with face and vase

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