I'll tell you what is wrong with me
I hope you will not weep
Happy dreams of marder are enchanting my nights sleep


I saw her face in a painting
High cheekbones thin nose full lips
I see her now as she's fainting-struggling- wandering
Long black hair and full hips

Why do i love you I ask myself lover?
What have you done so unique from another?
Your physical beauty of which you could boast
Is kept subtle and secondary which I prefer most

a warm cup of milk and i drift off to my minds eye to free associate
in my imagination unconscious there is no time to negotiate
we dream without color dont you see
but a wonderful world of imagery

I walk in the park and I hold my breath
We are always surrounded by life and death
Old old men playing bowls on the lawn
Tiny little children float boats on a pond

Before I finally enter darkness
I wish to be surrounded by friends
All waving farewell and broadly smiling
With Kisses and hugs eternally beguiling

Many days ago a little girl laughed
A little boy wrote a rhyme,
Life was fun life was right,
They both had quite a great time

There you are bound and waiting
i see the cuffs holding you still
the sweetness of you dripping with anticipation
furthering soon we will our relation

I'm touching you in my minds eye now I don't really know
Where my next few words will go
I just don't know what else to say
I'm crying my eyes out anyway

No no no no you're not a poet i said!
No no no no that isn't art coming out of your head
No no no no you aren't a creative soul
No no no no don't write just to dig from a hole

Sometimes you wander through an empty life
And you can't find solace or love
Sometimes you're hurting because you can't hold
The person you're dreaming of

The flowers in a still life painting never move
The phonograph needle on a record album never leaves the same groove
But in another town in another place
Another child is born to the human race

When you and I first separated
I wanted to run off and hide
I created discussions between us
I Strangled my love deep inside

A little fawn prances through a meadow bare
You are captivated and drawn to stare
Little white spots on her pretty brown coat
You're afraid to move your heart in your throat

Given my freedom what shall I place
Upon a blank slate abo' time or space?
Must I yell out that man is a beast?
Or simply oppose war and beg for peace?

Days, a few days i knew
Man with son, son with dad
I saw a new South
No man knew the law

I have Ice Cream Dreams
By that I mean
So much can be seen
a couple riding a tandem bike

In my love I will fail until I endeavor
A bond to create in our souls forever
In my poem I will fail until I can find
Verse you'll treasure and lock within your mind

We are Americans went nuke in 41
We are Americans we have the biggest gun
We now fight a war of attrition
We underestimate all our competition

I Will Even Love You When I'm Gone
Oh when I'm gone yes when I'm gone
I will even Love you when I'm gone
Yes when I'm gone


Born in Los Angeles during the 1965 Watts Riots, raised in Ohio in Cincinnati. Drunk and disorderly while attending Miami University in Oxford Ohio while ignoring the curriculum. Returned to Los Angeles in 1987 to pursue a career in alcoholism and criminal behavior. Jailed for drunken brawling and..Hey no one really reads this stuff so why are YOU? I'm currently gainfully employed as Director of Cranial Surgery at Cedars Sinai in Beverly Hills California, and I drive a skateboard.)

The Best Poem Of BEAU GOLDEN

Happy Dreams Of Murder

I'll tell you what is wrong with me
I hope you will not weep
Happy dreams of marder are enchanting my nights sleep

Nothing wakes me late at night sedatives stopped all that
I wouldn't even wake up if you hit me with a bat
My dreams are filled with bloodshed the massacre won't stop
I can't restrain the pleasure i gain from spilling every drop

I've killed the guys who've pissed me off every worthless sot
Killed Franks, and Jeffs, and many Bobs, and a guy whose name was Lott
My method is machine gun as they lined up in their cue
Perhaps they are all lawyers thinking i'm the next they'll sue

Maybe the media has trained me to be
Less sensitive to my fellows humanity
Or maybe i have inherited a relatives insanity

No matter what the truth is i chalk it up to fate
It's better to marder in your sleep than dream of a face you hate
Happy dreams of marder are giving me good nights rest
Nightmares filled with violence excite my heart the best

Happy dreams of Marder are where my nights are mired
It's silly but i dream of killy
When im truly tired

Beau Golden


Mark Massey 04 April 2024

Beau do you remember we met in Oxford?

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k.... 12 September 2020

hmm what to say about beau golden? hahaha

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Herbert 567 28 January 2017

Hello, I am in the middle of writing a film based on happy dreams of murder. Please email me at If you have any objections.

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Beau 24 November 2021

Have at it!

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Herbert 567 28 January 2017

I am writing a film about Happy Dreams of murder. It will not be plagiarised. I will credit this poem as its inspiration. If you have any objections please email me at

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Herbert 567 29 December 2016

Hey I want to possibly make a film about this poem

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