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Happy Dreams Of Murder

I'll tell you what is wrong with me
I hope you will not weep
Happy dreams of marder are enchanting my nights sleep


I saw her face in a painting
High cheekbones thin nose full lips
I see her now as she's fainting-struggling- wandering
Long black hair and full hips

Why Do I Love You?

Why do i love you I ask myself lover?
What have you done so unique from another?
Your physical beauty of which you could boast
Is kept subtle and secondary which I prefer most

Absence Of Color When We Dream (Sequel)

a warm cup of milk and i drift off to my minds eye to free associate
in my imagination unconscious there is no time to negotiate
we dream without color dont you see
but a wonderful world of imagery

Autumn - Life And Death Surround Us! (My Personal Fave)

I walk in the park and I hold my breath
We are always surrounded by life and death
Old old men playing bowls on the lawn
Tiny little children float boats on a pond

Before I Finally Enter Darkness

Before I finally enter darkness
I wish to be surrounded by friends
All waving farewell and broadly smiling
With Kisses and hugs eternally beguiling

A Little Boy Wrote A Rhyme

Many days ago a little girl laughed
A little boy wrote a rhyme,
Life was fun life was right,
They both had quite a great time

Bound And Waiting

There you are bound and waiting
i see the cuffs holding you still
the sweetness of you dripping with anticipation
furthering soon we will our relation

A Sandcastle Waits For Your Return

I'm touching you in my minds eye now I don't really know
Where my next few words will go
I just don't know what else to say
I'm crying my eyes out anyway

No No No No!

No no no no you're not a poet i said!
No no no no that isn't art coming out of your head
No no no no you aren't a creative soul
No no no no don't write just to dig from a hole

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