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Sun rises
Sun falls
Clocks tick
Love calls

I am from hula hoops and jump ropes
from dolls and my mom's high heels
and lipstick all over my face
I am from dancing and singing and acting

I have a special place under the sea
Where no one else can go, only me
It’s quiet and calm
Dark and safe

Time passes by
So quickly, it feels like life is on fast forward
And all you want to do
Is press pause

When I look in the mirror
I see not just me
But everything everyone else sees
When they look at me

Somewhere out there
There's someone like you
Maybe poor

I waited.
I waited all those years.

Time passed.

Fading like time
Into shadows
Up and down the wall


I can still remember
I can still think back
To the days when I was happy
When the dark cold feeling

Have you ever felt the pain

The desolate snap

I'm writing this in misery

In a place of desolate hatred

What if you could


As the candle is lit
a tiny spark
that flourishes
and blooms

You hold the world
in the palm of your hand
purely in control
yet so wildly out of control

the mind?
the only thing dangerous about the mind is the way we use it
therefore, i cannot focus
in times like that i cannot focus at all

Out of the corner of my eye
I can see it
A seductive red river
Flowing silently

I know the feeling
Of being turned away
The door slammed shut in your face
Leaving you in the cold hard rain

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Circle Of Life

Sun rises
Sun falls
Clocks tick
Love calls

Hearts swell
Hope dies
Sudden change
New eyes

Lives turn
Lives shift
Beauty blooms
Worlds twist

Tearing pain
Like a knife
But hearts heal
Circle of life

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Maya Hanson 05 August 2013

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Maya Hanson 05 August 2013

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