Bellaina Bella Hernandez Poems

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A Lost Chance

</>Why cant i tell you what i feel for you?
Am i that scared to know what you think of me?

Been hurt too many times

Perfect Christmas Present

A gift so precious
only one is given
one thats always been tremendous
a gift that will always be taken

Depression's Hold On Me

I can see Depression
He's off in the distance
calling for me with open arms
wanting me to come

A Dream Of Us

</>Always having the same dream
a dream of you and me
somewhere for us to be

How Much Longer?

Heart... your in control
of my mind and soul
but how much longer must i wait
until love leaves... then its too late?

Always Happy With You

We do have our days
Where theyre good or bad
When happy or sad
But as long as i have you

Comparing You To The Moon

Looking up to the moon
cant help but think of you
Seeing the moon, reminds me of your smiles
so bright, that everyone can see for miles

Dream Place

Oh! how blessed i would be
to live in such beautiful country

Confession Of Love!

Oh my love come with me
lay on this sacred bed
then lay your head
upon my breast

Crimson Blade

Fiery passion of pain and hate
come along to my blade
state your business
and lend me to confess

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