Bellaina Bella Hernandez

Rookie (4-17-1994 / California)

Bellaina Bella Hernandez Poems

1. Heavenly Dream 9/8/2011
2. No Use 9/8/2011
3. Love Me 9/8/2011
4. Night Mare! 9/8/2011
5. Tell Me! 9/8/2011
6. Longed For Love 9/8/2011
7. Heaven 9/10/2011
8. I Am All Alone 9/10/2011
9. It's Hard To Say Good- Bye 9/10/2011
10. I Want To Be With You 9/10/2011
11. My Everything! 9/10/2011
12. Wind So Cold 9/10/2011
13. Lonely 9/10/2011
14. Because Of Him 9/10/2011
15. Reason Why 9/10/2011
16. Shining Bright 9/10/2011
17. Blood Down My Arm 9/15/2011
18. Strikes From Lightning 9/15/2011
19. He Loves Me 9/10/2011
20. Someone Else 10/6/2011
21. Take Me In His Place 10/16/2011
22. My Own Angel, Whom God Sent For Me 10/24/2011
23. Nothing... But... Everything 10/24/2011
24. Simple Words 10/10/2011
25. Regret! ! ! ! 11/2/2011
26. Secret's Out 11/3/2011
27. Heart Holding Me Back 11/4/2011
28. Craving You 11/7/2011
29. Another Dream... But Real 11/9/2011
30. Damned To This Life 11/15/2011
31. My Heart Speaks! 11/15/2011
32. Inspired By Crimson Love 11/18/2011
33. What Do You See In A Rose 11/18/2011
34. Death I'M Ready For You 11/18/2011
35. Forgive Me! 11/19/2011
36. Why Are You Depressed? 11/19/2011
37. What I See In You 11/19/2011
38. Gaurdian Angel 11/19/2011
39. Rather Die! 11/19/2011
40. Life Change 11/11/2011

Comments about Bellaina Bella Hernandez

  • Crimson Love (11/18/2011 8:57:00 PM)

    This beautiful Angel a goddess deemed friend,
    Words sweeter than Crimson could ever be,
    Flow from the mouth of this angel to me,
    Her soul she writes in attempt to free the past,
    caged in by thoughts she hasn't anywhere to go,
    Thoughts whisper their words to her,
    she writes them upon paper,
    with Crimson inked by blood.

    She's stained the minds of readers,
    Her poetry fills with ink, it cuts and bleeds,
    This friendship something more,
    This angel shall be the light within a world I deemed dark,
    This shadows been illuminated,
    I can finally see past what I thought to be present.
    My arm yet distant shall reach out to you,
    consoling every hurt, reversing the empty,
    My angel..... this friendship was always meant to be.

    There are many things I could say about this fabulous poetess, but I fear words might not be enough. She has talent beyond the average. She fills her poems to the brim with emotion. she captivates all a poet should be, and or aspire to be, she truly is a beautiful soul, inside and out.

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Best Poem of Bellaina Bella Hernandez

A Lost Chance

</>Why cant i tell you what i feel for you?
Am i that scared to know what you think of me?

Been hurt too many times
that made me give up on love
but this love i have for you
i know is a love thats true
might tell you real soon...
probably not tell you or anyone at all
not wanting to be persecuted
or to be judged
or to be told 'your not good enough'
not wanting to be rejected again
to hurt my heart further more

Now i look at you everday
as you look my way
i notice your new love affair
an overwhelming feeling of jealousy and ...

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Tell Me!

Tell me now, tell me forever
Do you truely love me?
Will we always be together?
Is our love so true?
Or only something for us to do?
My love for you, no one can replace
hold you in my heart in a special area
where no one can come in and take
Tell Me Please, Now would be better than later

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