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</>Why cant i tell you what i feel for you?
Am i that scared to know what you think of me?

Been hurt too many times

A gift so precious
only one is given
one thats always been tremendous
a gift that will always be taken

I can see Depression
He's off in the distance
calling for me with open arms
wanting me to come

</>Always having the same dream
a dream of you and me
somewhere for us to be

Heart... your in control
of my mind and soul
but how much longer must i wait
until love leaves... then its too late?

We do have our days
Where theyre good or bad
When happy or sad
But as long as i have you

Looking up to the moon
cant help but think of you
Seeing the moon, reminds me of your smiles
so bright, that everyone can see for miles

Oh! how blessed i would be
to live in such beautiful country

Oh my love come with me
lay on this sacred bed
then lay your head
upon my breast

Fiery passion of pain and hate
come along to my blade
state your business
and lend me to confess


Take me away, take my soul away
dont say kind, sweet words on my grave
but that of me which everyone hates
waste no time of tears falling from your eyes

Depression, everyday is fighting
knowing exactly what it takes
to keep my love for Him
to stay in His cold, rough embrace


Why do i feel this way when im around you
why is it that when im around you, i dont know what to do
why cant i tear out my heart now
why cant i love a life without any emotion

My mind is racing
my heart is beating fast
and its because i love
and found you atlast!

Lips of yours is which i speak
always wanting sweet blood to leak
once i took that lovers bite
and forever have love in site

When our lips meet
its just you and me
with Our lives together
hopefully forever.....


Whats in love that everyone desires?
is it the feeling of your heart on fire,
or the words spoken by your lover,
or the 'fun' under the covers

Everyday is a new beginning
and an old death
something worth living
but not in regret

I love you, I love you, I love you
i can say these words throughout my life
to the very moment that i die
and yet it still wont compare

Why is my broken heart
mended by your love
I never felt this way
when I hug you

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Teen age girl... been writing poems for 6 years now. Trying new techinques, not all my poems are the same way. Poems that i make are of Love, Death, Depressions, and some hints to hate, questioning religion and love, cutting, blood. I Loved and lost. And for that I will never be the same. My atmosphere is filled with love from my friends. But I with constant rejection. Which I know is fair to them. But in fear for being unworthy again is what keeps me away from who I use to be. I am sorry I haven't posted any new poems. just been busy lately. but I do a few new poems hope you guys like :) Also if you have facebook. please do like my page Spoken in Silence. I been posting my poems in my page :) if you like my poetry, then do like the page. I also have other people that post their poetry as well.)

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A Lost Chance

</>Why cant i tell you what i feel for you?
Am i that scared to know what you think of me?

Been hurt too many times
that made me give up on love
but this love i have for you
i know is a love thats true
might tell you real soon...
probably not tell you or anyone at all
not wanting to be persecuted
or to be judged
or to be told 'your not good enough'
not wanting to be rejected again
to hurt my heart further more

Now i look at you everday
as you look my way
i notice your new love affair
an overwhelming feeling of jealousy and hate
to all the girls around you but mainly her
i feel your intense stare upon me
a stare i know which is full of love
but i look away
and i finally relized
i allowed my feeeling to hurt me more
i lost my only chance
of someone i could love
could love me back
i lost a chance of life with love
i lost a chance of romance


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Crimson Love 18 November 2011

This beautiful Angel a goddess deemed friend, Words sweeter than Crimson could ever be, Flow from the mouth of this angel to me, Her soul she writes in attempt to free the past, caged in by thoughts she hasn't anywhere to go, Thoughts whisper their words to her, she writes them upon paper, with Crimson inked by blood. She's stained the minds of readers, Her poetry fills with ink, it cuts and bleeds, This friendship something more, This angel shall be the light within a world I deemed dark, This shadows been illuminated, I can finally see past what I thought to be present. My arm yet distant shall reach out to you, consoling every hurt, reversing the empty, My angel..... this friendship was always meant to be. There are many things I could say about this fabulous poetess, but I fear words might not be enough. She has talent beyond the average. She fills her poems to the brim with emotion. she captivates all a poet should be, and or aspire to be, she truly is a beautiful soul, inside and out.

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