Crimson Blade Poem by Bellaina Bella Hernandez

Crimson Blade

Rating: 5.0

Fiery passion of pain and hate
come along to my blade
state your business
and lend me to confess
single slices of tender flesh
come apart, so i can be less
a human, more of blood
and just bones of love

Death your taunting me
lead me out to thee
let me join you
if the fiery dew
the pit in hell
where every man fell
speak trecherous words
stab my soul thats yours

Crimson blood must bleed
in order for me to leave
cut along major vien
have one more physical pain
see them go away, my sorrows
never will it reach tomorrow
tell me one more time
my love wasnt divine

Fiery, Crimson Blade
you took my name away
within every slice and scar
you pushed love too far
unable to reach tendernous
now forever oblivious
taking my life away
with every slice of my blade

Closer to him, Death
this blade is now unsheath
time to cut along tender flesh
and no longer to remain selfish
time for my being to be shared
to the one that truely cares


Hope Anderson 19 December 2011

WoW i really like this poem 10++++: +) keep it up

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Shihabudheen K J 15 December 2011

Painful to read a glory reality like death expressed with this art.keep young and hopeful dear

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