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she says that my face
is the last she sees
before sleep takes her,
and she cannot sleep

there’s been many a night
in the darkness of
where I sit with

leave me to my silence
and I will leave you to your laugh
leave me to my darkness
and I will leave you to your past

The leaves are gone; the world’s gone to sleep
The grass is brown the earth is dark and bare
And if you look beyond that silent peak
Silence is there

photograph this now
because I don’t think it
will last for very

Dance, I said to the boy in the glass
Staring back at me with a darkening mask
Dance, I begged, with love and pain

And the sun slept on into the day
and lay buried deep
where the wisemen say
its gone to find some peace.

It isn’t much I’ve seen,
just a couple sunsets
in the great grand
scheme of things.

the wrecking ball sun
swung out towards the west,
and I raced it on the highway
window open, radio on,

I write a poem, cross it out
write a song with no melody and hum
to myself and make up a story
where a character steals the sun

Create me a world with words my dear,
with pen and hand.
Where we can read love on river bed so clear,
written in sand.

Please smile your eyes to the rhythm
Of your heart and your heart alone
Watch as the night grows darker
And the moon turns into stone

Were you to know me, as I have known myself,
to watch the night moon fall heavily alongside
the river, let the current take you anywhere, as
my heart has led me by a tattered string. you

the only honesty
i ever saw
was a blind man
giving the finger

There’s a young little boy in the old town square
Who sits so quietly
And looks at the sun and the dust in the air
And he never smiles for me

We walked upon the mountains in a fog
The town below sat covered in alone
While mountain birds sat tired from their singing
We tried to find a little bit of home

this floor is frozen with cold
the windows have
jack frosts

spent last night
reading all the old poems
I’d written

the sounds from outside mix with the
hammer in my head, mix with the rain
on the roof, tap, tap, drip, drop,
so much noise the robin can’t be heard

night waits for the last eye of a house
to close, that last light in a room to darken
but no more, I sit up, wait for dawn
wait for the street sweeper to pass Main

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...and everyone wants to be described as the guy with the eyes that burned like rocket fuel, eyes that burned like a jealous sunset or a lonely hell and no matter what he did, it couldn't be hidden.)

The Best Poem Of Ben Partenay

And Her Face And Her Words And Her Promises

she says that my face
is the last she sees
before sleep takes her,
and she cannot sleep
without it.

but I know that
there are other faces
that float above
her eyes.
and the stars are out
tonight and I
need them to dance.

“have I said too
much” she says with
a halfhearted question
of love.
no, but you have not
kept your promise
and your promise
has not kept

and all the while
the clock spins circles
on the wall
and a dog barks
at the moon.
and her face sits
resting on my

I say I need to go
I am tired
and her face
and her words
and her promises
will not let me

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Mark Money 26 September 2013

at this point, i can only wish to write as well as you do. i'll keep trying, though........

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Delilah Miller 27 April 2008

I just read through about half of your poems. It's all so enchanting...Lilting and beautiful and honestly sad and sadly honest. Youre's so talented. You're so talented and I'm so envious. Don't you dare ever stop writing, X's and O's

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Goldy Locks 18 October 2007

Ben, ben. You inspire. Posh writer, you. Your verses are sublime. Your subjects, divine. Like the epitome of the All-American boy, trying to make it in this biting world. With a little help from his pen, his thoughts. You're endearing. And lovable (whether you like it or not ;) .. I look forward to your postings: each and every one. Keep growing, keep speaking, and above all, keep writing. best care sjg -~-

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