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I am immortal
A demented
Guilt-free child

I humbly accept the blame
So thousands more name
When we go wild from tame
I will gladly accept my fate

To our lord
For our fallen comrades
We say, "Our God,

If I lose everything, my love, my dear
If I lose everything by which I am here
If the songs I write remain unsung
And the canvas I paint is left in the dung

Do not be frightened
That I not written
For so long
I have been looking

They were three black dogs
My lady
They stopped me from entering
The Cathedral

To this the mighty ones may boo
Yet in approval many doves coo
Your prick annoys, my little boy
But your smiling voice turns me coy

I had been asleep for so long
Very asleep to the song
I had assumed life goes on
Carried this excess ton

You know I know
I know you know I know
So I've ceased pretending

We lay
Forsaken in our misery
We prayed
For wants and needs

Church bell tolls, tolls everywhere
Chaotic movement here and there
Stumbles, rumbles and grumbles; queer
Metallic sounds of the heart

She never asked for a dime
Nor did she for my time
She never envied other's diamonds
She kept the pact; broke no bonds

The voice in me
Is no more
Tragic as never before
Leaving me

When it comes to it
I would, about the eloquence
Of your speech, write
And the sparkles in your smile

On Ghana Television some seventeen years ago
I was aged probably four or so
Each while Mandela will come and go
The song Freedom Is Coming Tomorrow

I write this not for a king, a knight
Nor for the few elite of these times
It may not, I truly fear, seem right
I do not intend to find herein rhymes

Nothing is changed
Everything is the same
The way you look into my eyes
Still consumes my entire being

A lot is changed
Nothing is the same
I whispered your name
To the eastward winds

Nothing is changed
After half the years
I had lived before
Is come and gone

By and by our days glide away
And I can no longer hear or say
Can no longer see or envisage
Love dwindles with each passage

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Benjamin Paa Willie is a Telecommunication Engineering Student at KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana. He is a student leader, an extensive reader, lover of nature and arts. He likes computer programming, watching football, swimming and writing poems. He performs some of his poems on African Radio Theatre on FOCUS FM, KNUST (94.3MHz) , from 2 - 3pm GMT (Saturdays) . He published his first collection of poems in May 2012. Title: 101 Poetry for Young Adults. Subtitle: The Code. ISBN: 9781468905120. Follow him on twitter: @readpaawillie or like his facebook page: http: // (101 Poetry For Young Adults) . He shares many of his poems and writing experience on these social networks.)

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I'M Immortal

I am immortal
A demented
Guilt-free child
I am immortal
And incompatible
So far
While turned
From a hand to another
She fell in
A conversation
With a fellow
And spoke fondly
Of Einstein
And other immortals
Demented child
Cursed to utter
The fellow
She took
The way towards
The immortals
I am going
To the library
A demented
Guilt-free child
There is a show
At the cinema
Laughing is good
For your health
The fellow
Ah, you can
Go back to
There is a lot of
There too
A demented
Guilt-free child

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Benjamin Paa Willie Popularity

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