Benjamin Tetteh Poems

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My Last Wife

When the sun misses its way home
And the sky forbids it a dwelling
My heart like a tree that has fallen
My joy like a cloud is wandering

Viola's Name

I have girded my heart
With the garment of love
And fed my mind
With the knowledge of Viola

To Hug A Ghost

With a smiling face
Who will hug a ghost
It was possible before
When the moon was on earth


O, my dear Oriole
Who has made you with such elegance
A mélange of many colours
My longing is none but you

Nay Nay Nay

A struggling fist
A battling beast
Nay nay nay
The shallow seas

A Pompous Fish

It swims out of location
Through the warm and cold seas
Many miles from home
Into the grave foretold

A Lovely Ghost

Your nights were long
Too long for the coming
The still room spoke
To testify your coming

The Sound Of The Sea

Excellent without blemish
O! how great the sound of the sea
Like the many waters
Which fall from heaven

Love Dares

Pens write endless lyrics
Mouths speak saturated words
When the heart is set on motion
The blood pumps with dynamic pace

It Is Possible While Here

Plead with the heavens
And contend with the sun
Ripen the grapes with haste
As you sway the tree with words