Besa Dede

Besa Dede Poems

1. The Sin 3/22/2012
2. Memento 3/22/2012
3. A Love Story 3/22/2012
4. Matter In Existence 3/23/2012
5. I Wonder~ 3/23/2012
6. Coz' I'Ve Got The Blues For You 3/26/2012
7. Count Dracula 4/3/2012
8. Diary 2/28/2012
9. You And I 3/1/2012
10. Naked 3/1/2012
11. Delirium 3/1/2012
12. Tears From The Moon 3/2/2012
13. A Dilemma 3/6/2012
14. The Broken Promise 4/21/2012
15. Perplexity... 6/22/2012
16. While In Anticipation 5/2/2013
17. No Title 5/3/2013
18. Alpha And Omega 5/5/2013
19. Smell Of Desire 9/25/2013
20. Requiem~~an Ode To Time 3/22/2012
21. ...Voiceless... 4/10/2013
22. Anguished Elegy Of The Hurt 6/22/2012
23. A Meaningless Puzzle 3/6/2012
24. ~a Poet's Journey... 4/20/2012
25. I Will Steal From You... 3/10/2012
26. Song Of My Life 4/10/2013
27. Silence Of The Lambs 5/14/2013

Comments about Besa Dede

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (11/8/2013 9:03:00 PM)

    i have read some of your have a good hand to write creatively..i think you will be fairly a good writer one day..keep of luck.. aw

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  • Victor Ondieki Victor Ondieki (3/30/2012 7:00:00 AM)

    I read all those poems today, a poet won't leave, without saying your poetry is magnificent. You write with such passion and mastery that appeals to the deepest in soul. I love your poetry Besa

  • Charles Anthony Albert Charles Anthony Albert (3/30/2012 2:46:00 AM)

    Your writings are very deep, but satisfying. I would continue in my quest to write as much as you can. I
    have been writing for.....well since the 1960s'! ! ! ! ! ! I have kept every one. From writing on the back of a
    coaster from a niteclub, to scraps of paper....I am about to attempt to write them all (over 2,000) and
    perhaps donate them to appreciative sources....Like your stuff....Deep! ! ! ! & Good........ :) Charles
    Anthony Albert

  • Phyllis T. Halle Phyllis T. Halle (3/29/2012 9:34:00 PM)

    Thank you Besa Dede! Only another poet would see, recognize and understand my tears! In your poem, I Will Steal From You... I feel your deep understanding of our common emotional weaakness! You expressed my feelings with a perfection that startled me!

Best Poem of Besa Dede

Silence Of The Lambs

The silence of the lambs is unbearable.
They seem confused; more rather, mystified.
One would think that they're relishing on this gruesome anarchism,
This horrible chaos that is unveiling its dark intrigue.
Their fathers lost their battles with the wolves,
And having fallen down, their blood is being shed
And their blood is lustily being drunk by the thirsty jackals.
And now! Ah! Lament!
Their mommas
Are being sent on the way to the butcher's shop.
Iron cast shackles fasten their feet.
An absurd connotation per se! For sheep,
They do not run in the ...

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Tears From The Moon

I swear,
Tonight I saw tears running down from the Moon.
You might think I am crazy,
Or that I daydream hazy in the middle of the night.
No Sir!
I swear, I caught a glimpse of those silver drops
Go down the scorched cheeks of that sleeping beauty.
I felt her pain grow big like a threatening black hole.
I saw her sadness spread all over the Milky Way.

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