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I'll go away one day, you know.
And I want to take as a reminiscence.
A fragment of your kiss on my lips,
Perhaps a hug,  or an embrace ...

A long time ago, while I wrote poetry
My hand involuntarily would create grief and pain.
Through all my verses,  through my stanzas,
Wings of solitude had taken place.

I swear,
Tonight I saw tears running down from the Moon.
You might think I am crazy,
Or that I daydream hazy in the middle of the night.

The silence of the lambs is unbearable.
They seem confused; more rather, mystified.
One would think that they're relishing on this gruesome anarchism,
This horrible chaos that is unveiling its dark intrigue.

Time moves forward,  without stopping
And fastened on her shoulders, bind our existence.
Aged and tired slowly we saunter her
Most are left behind, diminishing in the distance.

You said 'I'll love you to eternity'
and gently bit my lips with a kiss.
It looked like the twilight tore away the darkness…
…the world seemed more beautiful after this.


I went away from you one day
My shoulders trembling, my legs shaking.
I cried and cried and cried.
The ocean put a barrier between us.

Why did the Heart beat so fast? I do not know!  And ah!  It seemed as if the world got ripped apart from those crazy thumping beats, that she exhaled. From the Heavens quickly burst the raindrops like tears, poisonous salty tears!  Only Life did not seem so surprised, or afraid, or even shaken. She continued her endless journey, explaining to her creatures,  that it happens like so in the long course of existence...

But an injured Heart doesn't understand and doesn't heal so easily, though! The blood that runs in her veins is poisoned by disappointment. And disappointment kills!

You are the fire
I am the ice.
They say we don't match.
But we don't think twice.

They call it justly, Love.
For it has no beginning.
It has no end.
Only one thing is undeniably certain.

In the beginning there was only silence.
From nothingness began to appear the existence.
And from the form, the mortal was designed.
A form-spirit, invented by ideas.


Broken dreams.
Shared pains of lost loves,

The sky is playful with the clouds,
He won't deny the love he has.
For he isn't shy to speak his heart
To his beloved betrothed cloud.

To kill or not the mockingbird?
This is absurd!
Remarked the boy.

Lust glows slyly in her eyes.
'Your eyes are your soul's mirrors', they say.
I cast a stare inside those clear blue lakes of hers.
What hidden desires sleep deep within you

I am bewildered by Heart and Mind.

Locked within, these dreams of mine.

You said "I'll meet you 
On a Sunday afternoon"
Exalted like a happy child, for this encountering I was.
Neatly I brushed my hair

I often catch a glimpse of sadness in your eyes.
I wonder why?
What makes you cry?
You breathe in and sigh

An offspring of the sin you were too.
Kindly you smiled
whilst furtively charmed me within this sinful world.
Now I,  the supreme sin's indulgence,

Besa Dede Biography

I was born in the Spring, during a time of turmoil in my country. My people were fed up with dragging their heavy shackles that dictatorship had gifted them for so many a long years. People were tired, scared, frustrated and fed up. They needed a change; a change for good in their lives and clear air to breathe. The air of freedom would come a couple years later. Even though I was born during such a sad and grey time, I still enjoyed my childhood. I only knew and understood my parents' and many others's pain and suffering, later. That sadness and compassion I felt, took roots within my heart. The only way I managed to try and get it out was by me composing poems, prose and the like. Somehow though, my writings bear a note of sadness within them, pessimism more often than not; but sometimes, some waves of hopefulness try to emerge through them. I like using symbolism as my muse and in my favorite genres I love to delve in blank verses, elegies, haiku, ballads and terza stanzas, but not only. Still enjoy into experimenting with everything... During my everyday life I am a working woman, a wife and life partner, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend.)

The Best Poem Of Besa Dede

I Will Steal From You...

I'll go away one day, you know.
And I want to take as a reminiscence.
A fragment of your kiss on my lips,
Perhaps a hug,  or an embrace ...

For when the wind will blow out strongly,
I won't be cold,  nor will I chill
Around my shoulders I'll feel the warmth.
As a scarf your hug will stand by me, still...

When the summer sun will parch the land,
And people and plants will desiccate,
As elixir of life itself,
Your kiss will keep my lips immaculate...

And if it rains, with mighty thunders
And the sky gets split apart by lightning,
The whole world will linger in blindness.
But not my eyes, they wouldn't be.
I'll have engraved your own sweet kindness...

We will go far away one day, I know.
The paths of life will draw us apart.
But each of us will always keep
A part of one another, as a memoir ...

Besa Dede Comments

Wahab Abdul 08 November 2013

i have read some of your have a good hand to write creatively..i think you will be fairly a good writer one day..keep of luck.. aw

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Victor Ondieki 30 March 2012

I read all those poems today, a poet won't leave, without saying your poetry is magnificent. You write with such passion and mastery that appeals to the deepest in soul. I love your poetry Besa

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Charles Anthony Albert 30 March 2012

Your writings are very deep, but satisfying. I would continue in my quest to write as much as you can. I have been writing for.....well since the 1960s'! ! ! ! ! ! I have kept every one. From writing on the back of a coaster from a niteclub, to scraps of paper....I am about to attempt to write them all (over 2,000) and perhaps donate them to appreciative sources....Like your stuff....Deep! ! ! ! & Good........ :) Charles Anthony Albert

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Phyllis T. Halle 29 March 2012

Thank you Besa Dede! Only another poet would see, recognize and understand my tears! In your poem, I Will Steal From You... I feel your deep understanding of our common emotional weaakness! You expressed my feelings with a perfection that startled me!

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'Envy and anger only make the heart bitter' ~Besa Dede 04/05/2024

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