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Bill Knott

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Escape Plan

I examine
my skin

searching for

Advice From The Experts

I lay down in the empty street and parked
My feet against the gutter's curb while from


All it takes is Laura Riding's riding-
crop across my butt, and I'm off:
Git-up horsie she cries astride me as

Feeding The Sun

One day we notice that the sun
needs feeding. Immediately
a crash program begins: we fill rockets
with wheat, smoke-rings, razorblades, then,

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Kumarmani Mahakul 05 October 2020

Bill Knott, who ranks #271 on top 500 poets of the world on date 05 October 2020 is well known as Saint Giraud. His poems are very interesting and valuable for society. Sun never fades for him and flowers bloom carrying God's grace in his word. His each plan is established by as per God's will.

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Walterrean Salley 29 November 2016

I'm just learning of Bill Knott, and have enjoyed reading his works. Very interesting; his verses go deep. Deepest regrets in learning of his death. **For Leona Person: Concerning the poem- 'Advice from the Experts' by Bill Knott. The experts were onlookers - those people who advised the poet not to jump in his attempt to commit ‘suicide.’ Thankfully, he took their advice and his life was spared.

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Johnny Case 24 March 2014

I've long considered Bill Knott to be among the best poets of our time. March 12th,2014 will be known as a sad day for American poetry.

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Leona Person 05 November 2011

What does advice from the experts mean

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Molaire Jules 31 January 2008

Congratulations on your books, Bill!

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Bill Knott, originally known as Saint Giraud, was born in Carson City, Michigan. He is an associate professor at Emerson College in Boston. He first received recognition with The Naomi Poems published in 1968.

He published this work under the pseudonym Saint Geraud (a figure who, it was claimed, lived from 1940 to 1966). Poet Thomas Lux wrote of ...

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