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When you left, I knew am right,
You are always right, but whose wrong,
A single argument you turn to a fight,
And my weakness makes you strong,

What happened last night brother,
Please tell me it's not true,
Was i a bother,
Don't tell me you have no clue,

When the time comes we shall all gather,
People of all walks and talks together,
In front of the parish for the Holy Communion,
It is here that we meet our companion,

Award winning poem crafted with precision,
From the finest wordsmith's concoction,
To capture the readers eye,
And move them to agree with I,

That cat has taken my spot,
In her lap he sits and purr,
How sinister when he grins and grr,
If I had my ways I'll have him shot,

A caged bird wishes to be free,
To fly with the wind and flee,

Let me fly like a bee,

Protect my castle oh lord,
Be my shield and sword,
Fight those who fight against me,
Make peace with those who respect me,

I woke up thinking of you,
And I knew this love is true,
I know you're waiting for a bunch of roses,
A box of chocolate and a mouthful of kisses,

I know not her name,
But I can trace her by scent,
She has driven me into a smell-at-them game,
And am attracted to her a hundred percent,

Please stay a little while longer,
Hold me closer if only for a while,
Cry if you want I give you my shoulder,
Please stay if just for a while,

Beware of the house of pain,
Madness rains on you like rain,
Don't call out my name in vain,
Lest they think you are insane,

Every champion re-invents himself,
Re routes his ways,
Re discovers his roots,
Re vamps his image,

Where were you when i lived on gunshots and teargas,
When the violence intensified and put fear on us,
When the police brutality coasted me a friend and my face,
When the eviction notice saw me part ways with my place,

The unusual fragrance looms above my room,
Its owner not yet known,
Its purpose still a mystery I assume
Sweeter than any other fragrance I ever own,

Behind this four walls,
I've seen my babies crawl,
Underneath the wishful wells,
I've watched my penny fall,

Billy Simani Biography

Born Billy Simani on 8th December 1987, Nairobi Kenya. He is currently the winner of the poetry contest 'Bringin' out the ' thees and thous! ' sponsored by Lisa Cooper Poetessdarkly on poetry soup. Also his poem, 'Awars Winning Poem' became the featured poem of the week on Poetry Soup.)

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Together In Love We Walk

When you left, I knew am right,
You are always right, but whose wrong,
A single argument you turn to a fight,
And my weakness makes you strong,

A smile by day turns into a frown by night,
I wish when I write, you read,
But when love is blind, who bears sight,
Don't laugh at bareness when you still breed,

Better in darkness, a splint of light,
Than a house full of sorrow,
A splint will light in future so bright,
But a sorrowful heart is hollow,

Come back let's right the wrong,
Change the vacuum of silence to talk,
Break the york of weakness to strong,
And together in love we walk,

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Billy Simani 22 January 2013

Every great thing has a small beginning... lets consider this as baby steps, soon we will leap then eventually fly.

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Billy Simani 10 November 2012

Keep it up brother, some day you'll find a breakthrough.

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