Billy Simani Poems

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Together In Love We Walk

When you left, I knew am right,
You are always right, but whose wrong,
A single argument you turn to a fight,
And my weakness makes you strong,

Mercy Killing (Euthanasia)

What happened last night brother,
Please tell me it's not true,
Was i a bother,
Don't tell me you have no clue,

The Parish

When the time comes we shall all gather,
People of all walks and talks together,
In front of the parish for the Holy Communion,
It is here that we meet our companion,

Award Winning Poem

Award winning poem crafted with precision,
From the finest wordsmith's concoction,
To capture the readers eye,
And move them to agree with I,

That Cat Has Taken My Spot

That cat has taken my spot,
In her lap he sits and purr,
How sinister when he grins and grr,
If I had my ways I'll have him shot,

A Caged Bird Wishes To Be Free

A caged bird wishes to be free,
To fly with the wind and flee,

Let me fly like a bee,

Protect My Castle Oh Lord

Protect my castle oh lord,
Be my shield and sword,
Fight those who fight against me,
Make peace with those who respect me,

Happy Valentine

I woke up thinking of you,
And I knew this love is true,
I know you're waiting for a bunch of roses,
A box of chocolate and a mouthful of kisses,

That Angel Smells Like Lotus Flower.

I know not her name,
But I can trace her by scent,
She has driven me into a smell-at-them game,
And am attracted to her a hundred percent,

Please Stay If Just For A While

Please stay a little while longer,
Hold me closer if only for a while,
Cry if you want I give you my shoulder,
Please stay if just for a while,

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