The Parish Poem by Billy Simani

The Parish

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When the time comes we shall all gather,
People of all walks and talks together,
In front of the parish for the Holy Communion,
It is here that we meet our companion,
In holy matrimony we unite before the father,

But this is no ordinary parish,
We separate men from boys before they perish,
We relish in wines and spirit,
Just like church goers after the Holy Spirit,
In beer we trust because its fetish,

Just like the church seeing holiness in the pope,
In the bar tender we see drinking hope,
We speak in tongues under the influence,
And we never shy away from an audience,
So don't demonize us, we don't do dope,

Just like Jesus who walked on water,
We keep on walking like Johnny Walker,
On your wall the Holy Virgin Mary,
On mine you'll find the famous Hale Berry,
Unlike them were living our happily ever after,

We've never missed a bar gathering,
On several occasions you've missed a church meeting,
We pay all our dues to the bar tender,
You hardly give two percent tithe to the preacher,
So when we meet in hell spare me the greeting,

Dedicated to all my drunk friends, don't drink and drive.
Billy Simani 08 February 2013

Thank you soooo very much for your comments, it means a lot. Thanks a lot Thomas for the corrections.

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Rahul Pandey 08 February 2013

perfectly filled with truth Good thought...

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Dave Walker 08 February 2013

A great poem with a great story to it.

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Heather Wilson 08 February 2013

A great poem, to unite a parish however it is done is a good point to start as friends or neighbours (or both) , Wine is served in holy communion so why not where others think fit, But, as you said, , don`t drink and drive

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