Birgitta Abimbola Heikka Poems

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Mummy, The Praying Mantis

Mummy is a praying mantis
her head bowed, her hands clasped,
her knees bent.
From dusk to dawn

The Barefoot Prophet On The Beach

The yawning sky accompanies
the cries and the beating bell
of the barefoot prophet.

I Wear Neutral

I wear neutral
The color of the sand
The color of the stone
The color of the stream

My Lagos

Under the Tropical sun, strung
Rumbling like the sea on which she sits
A tornado ride in an amusement park
- exciting, enthralling, endangering.

Truth Came As A Naked, Black Doll

Truth came one day in the form of a naked, black doll
I once possessed.
How I came by it, I can no longer recollect
Perhaps someone with intentions base

Madness Brewed At Night

Through the glass doors, I watch
the sun go down
I sit afraid to move, to lay
my tired legs on the soft waiting bed

More Haiku

Sliding from the hills,
a peripatetic path she
follows to the sea.


The chameleon
leaned on the lamp post
His designer face
smooth as sherbet ice cream

Cause I Swallowed A Frog

I swallowed a frog whole
and it got lodged in my throat
Latent, it laid in the green bowl
the amphibian I swallowed whole

This Fear …

That won’t disappear
Heightening my despair
Illumining phantoms in the midnight air
Scorching flame in the atmosphere

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