I Wear Neutral Poem by Birgitta Abimbola Heikka

I Wear Neutral

I wear neutral
The color of the sand
The color of the stone
The color of the stream
The color of the sun
But not for these reasons do I wear
the color congenial.
For in neutral, I'm as congenital
as monkeys on a tree.

It comes in different shades,
this color neutral.
Some call it brown
Some, taupe or beige
Some say pearl!
Which prompts laughter.
Others, universal, echo earthy
I say simply

Some say it complements me
Others find it boring
Why don't you wear bright colors?
They ask.
Why throw red paint on a bustard?
The vultures would see through the peels
and the other bustards would take to their heels.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: honesty
Gajanan Mishra 03 June 2014

very fine writing, I like it, thanks. please read my poems and comment.

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Fabrizio Frosini 22 July 2015

Mi vesto in modo neutro Indosso la neutralità Il colore della sabbia Il colore della pietra Il colore dell'acqua che scorre Il colore del sole Ma non per queste ragioni indosso il colore affine. Bensì perché, neutra, sono naturale come le scimmie su un albero. this is the first part of your poem translated into Italian.. the full text in the Anthology ebook

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Fabrizio Frosini 16 July 2015

Birgitta, I've sent you my translation.. let me know what do you think of it..

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Fabrizio Frosini 14 July 2015

and this one could be the second poem of yours to be translated into my language (for the English-Italian Anthology) .. if it's ok with you, of course.. Let me know

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Daniel Brick 13 July 2015

This poem is deep, and its depth surprised me because it is so humbly stated and developed with such precise language. Behind this poem is a world of prejudiced people who cannot accept what is different from themselves and reject the person with defining differences. I like the way you framed your response to this biased populace as a series of choices you are actively making, and you make those choices seem as natural as the imagery which surrounds them. Once again your approach is different from the sincere but oppressive prophet who rails against people. You are inviting them to see what is good and fair and beautiful, to grasp those blessings, and live for happiness. I find your poem very moving. It is one of those blessings available to us.

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Fabrizio Frosini 14 July 2015

bel commento, caro Daniel. Very good comment. I think it could be along with the poem, in the Anthology

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Colleen Courtney 06 June 2014

An interesting and enjoyable read. A nice poem of being comfortable in one's own skin and idea of fashion! Nicely done!

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