Bisy Untan Poems

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A Treasure In My Soul

The scutcheon on my door
Is your peaceful heavenly smile
I carved it on my door
To lock the sorrows inside.

The Swing

I tied a swing on the Venus,
To go up to the east and the west,
Up to the east and then to the earth,
Up to the west and then to the earth.

The Soulmate

First I saw you in that morn
On the bony unknown winter branch
Decked with pearly feathery drops
That glittered in the golden light.

If I Die.....

If I die on my sofa in this evening,
The birds in my garden will not cease singing,
The butterflies in the flowers will not stop their merry fluttering,
The squirrels in the tree in my courtyard

Angelic Smile

That was the most peaceful smile
Ever I saw on the eternal lips
Who was in the cradle to see me off
With her parents under that bow.

A Dream

Vision was bigger than the eyes
The reverberations were softer than to my ears
The incense was sharper than to smell
The speeches were too sweet to taste

Mother In The Kitchen

I sat on the kitchen chair
Utensils all around to wash.
Everybody walked here and there
Blindfolded as the smokey walls.

Pain Of Love

Drawing touch-me-not
Along the wall of my heart
Is your hobby.

Mother Of Silence

I'm the mother bird, sitting guard
To my sleeping little squab of silence.
Outside, the reverberation of the marching army
Of cyclones, gale and barrage.

Rest In Peace

They say, graveyard is the place where souls rest in peace.
Is it true?
The souls free from all works and bondages
Need rest in peace?

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