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A Treasure In My Soul

The scutcheon on my door
Is your peaceful heavenly smile
I carved it on my door
To lock the sorrows inside.

The Swing

I tied a swing on the Venus,
To go up to the east and the west,
Up to the east and then to the earth,
Up to the west and then to the earth.

The Soulmate

First I saw you in that morn
On the bony unknown winter branch
Decked with pearly feathery drops
That glittered in the golden light.

Angelic Smile

That was the most peaceful smile
Ever I saw on the eternal lips
Who was in the cradle to see me off
With her parents under that bow.

If I Die.....

If I die on my sofa in this evening,
The birds in my garden will not cease singing,
The butterflies in the flowers will not stop their merry fluttering,
The squirrels in the tree in my courtyard

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Mahtab Bangalee 26 May 2019

Bisy Untan, name of two words In this poetic planet Sowing the tree of poems which Yearn for a glimpse of knowledge Undeniable her speech in the New wings of self knowing To earn in the mystic sense And to apply in practical living activities for the Noble human mind ……

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Prabir Gayen 18 February 2019

Bisy Untan is a great poetess...a poetess of spiritual value...a rare talent..God bless Her...

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Dr Dillip K Swain 01 November 2017

Bisy Untan is a highly talented poetess. I have read many of her poems which are quite fascinating. Her style of writing is commendable. Her each poem is charming with its novelty. Rest In Peace, A Treasure In My Soul, The Swing Mother In The Kitchen, If I Die....., Angelic Smile, The Soulmate are some of her wonderful creations. I wish this poetess all the best in her literary journey and her family a happy and peaceful life.

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