Mother In The Kitchen Poem by Bisy Untan

Mother In The Kitchen

Rating: 3.8

I sat on the kitchen chair
Utensils all around to wash.
Everybody walked here and there
Blindfolded as the smokey walls.

For a minute, the utensils stood up
The pot began to grow around my head,
The spoons plated as my hair,
The forks began to move as my hands,

Suddenly the bowl shaped my belly,
The trays on my back,
The long spoons crept into my legs,
I looked funny as a different one.

I shed off my anger and everything fell.
'A cat in the kitchen! 'someone cried.
My hus and son ran in and saw,
They put back all to the kitchen stand!

Thursday, October 13, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: mother
The sufferings of a conventional Indian mother is generally unseen by others.The family considers the life in the kitchen is only for the mother.This poem is a dedication to all such mothers.
Mahtab Bangalee 26 May 2019

finest poem on the mother's suffering; good dedication

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Nice writing, nice dedication, thank you

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Geetha Jayakumar 22 December 2016

Beautiful dedication to all mothers. In reality no one understands value of mother. She is there in all walks of life. No family member understand this. Loved reading it.

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Bisy Untan 23 December 2016

Thank you very much for reading my thoughts.

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Unwritten Soul 24 October 2016

Truly mother can bring out the best..We all are children and really amazed of how mother can changed all by her role, even as simple as this poem i really like your expression especially second and third stanza...and the cat in the kitchen was expressive in so nicely there...Bisy Untan, keep it up...for making more nice poems

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Bisy Untan 25 October 2016

Thank you for the inspiring comment.

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Valsa George 16 October 2016

You are quite right! Even now women are tied to their conventional role of cooking for everybody and looking after the household. Her sufferings are taken for granted and no one pays any attention! So making a little sound is the only way to draw the attention of the other family members! You have dealt with the theme in a novel way!

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Bisy Untan 18 October 2016

Thank you!

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