The Swing Poem by Bisy Untan

The Swing

Rating: 4.5

I tied a swing on the Venus,
To go up to the east and the west,
Up to the east and then to the earth,
Up to the west and then to the earth.

While going up I saw

Many a shining rounded bobs,
To and fro they moved with light,
As the baubles on X'mas tree.
So many skyscrapers far and wide
Lit up with many starry lights.

Little gangs of nymphs and elves,
Angels, harpies, igigi and fairies,
All are busy with their work,
Here and there with serious faces.

Then on the earth I pushed my toes,
Again to see a little more,

At the fringe of the rounded sky,
Some are loosening silky red,
Mixed with orange, purple and yellow
To make us happy down on the earth.

Some are blowing clouds to the earth,
With long bubble wands in their mouth,
Clouds are flying silver white,
Many are gloomy, smooth and black.

Some are playing drums and cymbals
Others are playing flutes and harps,
Why this music, I wondered!
Thunder, wind and rain answered.

There is an entrance at the west,
And an exit at the east,
Souls rushed from the earth I saw,
Tiny souls from exit down.

Really it's fantastic
To get a view from so far up.
Venus, now I understood,
Why you stand there so far up! !

Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: imagination
Evening star which appears as morning star at the very same time to the east and the west is always an attraction to me.
Valsa George 04 November 2016

Your imagination has taken flight on wings of wide span... like an eagle soaring up! Interesting write... Enjoyed reading this.... Bisy!

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Bisy Untan 04 November 2016

Thank you for your inspiring comment.

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Mahtab Bangalee 28 February 2019

touches me - Souls rushed from the earth I saw, Tiny souls from exit down/// sole imaginative

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Bisy Untan 01 March 2019

Day dreams, sometimes, make mind colourful. Thank you.

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Valsa George 12 November 2018

A highly imaginative poem full of poetic flair and beauty! A sure 10

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Dr Dillip K Swain 03 November 2017

The poetic imagination transcend the entrance of West reaching the Exit point of East..Little gangs of nymphs and elves, ...Angels, harpies, igigi and fairies, /All are busy with their work, /Here and there with serious faces..brilliant description of nature and activities of celestial bodies..Superbly penned..Loved reading your poem replete with images..! Congratulations..! !

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Bisy Untan 03 November 2017

Thank you for spending time on my thoughts.I value Your inspiring comments.

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Tom Allport 31 May 2017

an interesting poem of strange going's on out of normal sight? ............well imagined write.

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Kathy Van Kurin 02 December 2016

Bisy Untan, To swing through the heavens with planet Venus as one's tree branch.......such a delight to ponder! I enjoyed sharing this enticing experience through your painting of fine words. What fun I had! Kathy

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Bisy Untan 03 December 2016

Thanks a lot Kathy.Happy to know that you enjoyed my imaginative experience.

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