Happy Halloween ^.^ Poem by Booklover Tv Lounger

Happy Halloween ^.^

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Ghosts pop up to say hello
The tombstones rattle to and fro
Witches cackle in the night
And a cat's screech would give you fright

The wind blows through the rattling trees
Fog goes up to your knees
The boogeyman waits under your bed
While the Headless Horsemen searches for a head

Zombies walk slowly and moan in the streets
While little children gather treats
Carved pumpkins light the way
Until the sun comes up in the glistening day

Now Halloween comes around once a year
To be happy, fun, and stricken with fear
Friends and family have some fun
It's a day like no other for everyone

Sidi Mahtrow 13 October 2007

Ever ask a kid what trick They have as the other half of 'treat or trick'? You'll get a blank stare As if their parent had a secret they dared not share. So this All Hallow's Eve perhaps you should Instead of wearing a costume or a hood, take the time to explain What the terms really mean And instead of candy or other sweets Give them a leason rather than treats And show them a collection of rotten teeth That come from indulging in calorie laden sweets. s

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