Brandon Lucero Poems

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We Passed Eachother

You wanted more?
Well life's a bore.
I'm not sorry.
Just wanted to say, I don't hate you anymore.

Infinite Moves

Damned is the man who abandons himself
damned is the man abusing trust
damned are we that judge and lust

Only Shallow

Walking through the halls
swiftly carried by clouds

Perpetual Wonder (Love Letter To Athletes)

I watch, listen, intently, excitement brewing

All of life's little intricacies disappear,

Walking, Breathing, City

Someway in the dark, who can say for sure? Eclipsing reason and strength, love bounded us together, step by forward step.
You laughed and I cried. We danced, searching for a thrill, accompanying the night.

Things change oh so slightly, I'm so highly likely, to regret the things I've done and said. Somewhere we should start recovering from the wounds of life. Looking for a little green bag, out of sight Doin' things my way.

Maybe I'M Just

I need a funny friend,
I took advantage and you died.
Standing in your night,
hung you out to dry.

Survive Me

Smells like bleach
and piss
I could be dead.


Sometimes I suffer
sometimes rain will fall
cold as barren empty snow

Let The Ashes Rise

Drifting in and out
Sometimes all about, the, life
Vanity myth you built today
Oh let the ashes fall

Almost Blue

I saw you standing over there
touching your skin as it laid bare
memories flooding my sweet side
feelings of hurt so I tried to abide

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