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When I write, I clear my mind...
I do and say everything that I was afraid to accept while awake, in my Conscious self, surrounded by the world around me...

I guess my explaination of it doesn't make sense on account of, when I write, I am awake, in my Conscious self, and surrounded by the world around me...
But most of what I know and wh ...

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Love Like Stone

Love never came to me that night,
As I sat there, starring at the statue of Eros,
Waiting for a spark.

Fade Away

I’m crippled by the stars that glisten outside the night sky.
Burning me with their silver essence.

Something To Remember

Everything was soft that day...
Like the color of grace or
The scent of mercy.
The air, the sun, and the wind were all soft.

A Seeming Less Heart

I hear my thoughts scurry fast across the horizon...
I see how the sun rises but I can not retrace my mind.
For now, it seems that I have no words (not righteously, at least) .
Not even the least.

Tender Pulse:

Tranquil nights find closure beneath chaotic stars,
And forever finds a way to seep into our dreams.

Today I say:

Brenda Arroyo Comments

Terence Collings 11 January 2015

Beautiful descripitive analogy. She has the maturity of a much more established poet.

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Mary Lanosa 16 January 2014

Just read Love like Stone. Brenda really has a sense of bringing across the humanness that we all seem to have. Wonderful words.

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