Something To Remember Poem by Brenda Arroyo

Something To Remember

Rating: 5.0

Everything was soft that day...
Like the color of grace or
The scent of mercy.
The air, the sun, and the wind were all soft.
So soft, that summer’s heat melted into my hair as I tried not to be.
And as I roamed about all those empty faces,
I could not help but to not think at all...
For I was empty too.

As hours go by, emptiness only serves as a sole reminder to the soulless.

I remember how my bangs were out of my face but I rarely looked up,
And how my dress was cut above my knee but my steps were small...
And to all that I was and was not, my heart was terribly slow.
I remember.

Memories are always carved by the heavier part of one's gut.

Then when I never would have thought to expect the unexpected,
I recognized your face.
Your eyes sunk into mine,
And I fell into the million years that I will never be apart of.
I felt it all in my stage of numbness...
I stared back into those heavy eyes and smiled while holding back tears.


memories are like eggs.. you keep the good.. and get rid of the bad.. i like your poem.

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Robin Andersson 03 November 2009

Absolutely beautiful Brenda

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 23 October 2009

As hours go by, emptiness only serves as a sole reminder to the soulless.......something toremember when feel free or sit in idleness.. it is just an sweet rememebrence ...lovely poem to be rememebred....10 red mine.. innoence regained...mary to marry..... miss i miss a friend

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