Fade Away Poem by Brenda Arroyo

Fade Away

Rating: 5.0

I’m crippled by the stars that glisten outside the night sky.
Burning me with their silver essence.

Quivering behind dark eyes,
Hiding from the temptation set in front of me,
I remain quiet and alone.

Time and time again-
Minutes and seconds mingle with the rhythm and tempo of an out of orbit earth.
I recoil from the moon and try to wrap myself in atmospheric blankets.
-Ruined not broken. [I am]

Oceans rage beneath my feet.
I’ve been standing on heavy waters for ages now.
Watching the slow death of my planet.

No longer able to stay,
I plead the winds to take me away...
And I am gone.

A single star tucked in my pocket.

Kim Barney 11 January 2015

Wonderful imagery here. Enjoyed this poem very much.

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Gerard Rochford 12 January 2012

'A single star tucked in my pocket.' and '...the stone of his eyes.' Oh yes - a real talent here.

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Michael Moorcroft 16 October 2009

Hi Brenda, I agree with Lillian. You are extremely talented. Great write.10++++

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Lillian Thomas 15 October 2009

this is lyrical and full of meaning. I can't believe you are only 17. Some poets twice your age cannot make their poems fly this high! Thank you or sharing Brenda.

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