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Thou art a soft Rolling Sea of Poetry,
Rolling, rolling, rolling all day o'er me.
Graceful and light thine eyes spark such Great Fires
Inside of my Spirit that these Desires

Lord, please remember my tears in judgment.
Let my prayers be sweet incense unto thee;
And my life an acceptable sacrifice as well.
May my repentance be met with total amendment,

Sometimes the Sun shines in the darkest places,
Bringing Light where only deepest traces
Of Pain in Love can be found. And profound
Longing trickles with the Brook's saddest sound,

Her eyes are like a sepulchre gently calling me,
They invite me to stay for all eternity...
Locked behind a door from which no soul escapes:
The lowliest of dungeons within Hell's estates.

God help me,
Help myself-
to see beyond:
my broken heart.

I said in a prayer, 'Please, give me a Sign...'
And the Sign was thus provided, by God,
The Father of All,
Creator of Man,

Some days bounce like the Sun's rays through the clouds,
Others resemble the moon whom dark fog shrouds.
All that I know is the past is long dead,
So I seek greater joys in days ahead.

When it feels like all I have loved has left,
And that my deft touch maybe wasn't so deft;
I turn my eyes to the Heavens with tears,
They pour like rain from pain held in over years.

I thought my poetry was uniquely charming,
She might have thought it strangely alarming.
Now I am lost in my mind reminiscing,
Over memories of the last 3 I was kissing.

Sometimes when caged, Freedom seems lost,
A memory fading like Smoke,
Drifting on the ocean, a ship tossed-
In Winds of Fate, Mother Nature's cloak.

The gentle breeze calms my mind.
Solace in Nature in Times of Need, I find:
Redemption Eternal--internal growth,
Leads me to excel past the faults I loathe.

I told you I'd write you poetry no more,
But of 7.7 billion there's only one I adore.
She sparkles like tiara'd rubies in the sun,
And away I was torn before I had even begun,

Our memories either help or hurt us,
Very seldom does their influence fade.
But we must, our own hearts and visions trust,
And cling not to any debt that's unpaid.

Life's sweetest joy can be found in your smile,
An Eastern Flame upon the horizon,
Sweetness wed to the purest class and style.
You are the female form of Mozart's 'Requiem'.

Tears bring growth like rain brings flowers,
A day without you is Hell for twenty-four hours.
But tend our Soul's garden we must all do,
I just wish the pruning was done by you.

I see dreams of purification by fire,
With blood-red acid rain lighting the pyre:
Distant cries of birds can scarcely be heard,
Abandon ye all hope whom greed hast preferred,

Veritas, in many sleepless nights' past,
I drearily dreamt of it to be my last...
Yet fear of my soul's fate- in hellfire cast-
Kept my body, dreams and spirit a-mast.

Some things are not dead; they refuse to die,
Even with broken wings, they learn to fly.
Defying fate, God uplifts their brave souls,
Bruised, knocked about and flayed*, now burning coals.

The days glide by me faster every day,
"I've always loved you, " is all I wish to say.
But to whom shall I speak in your absence?
Nothing in my life can replace your presence.

In Life, we fight daily to Dream of Love,
So pure that even the Blue Skies blush above-
The Mountain Ranges of our Warm Hearts, -
Beating in Sync with the Hope Love ne'er Parts.

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Brett'al Qur'an Sharif White-Assad, Al-Hadith'ic Retribution, Sheik AR-13, Shi'a Hajj, Al-Fatimid Law, Emirate New Dawn. 'Sole Emissary and Unmitigated Wrath of God.' Don't Tempt Me.)

The Best Poem Of Brett White

Thou Art A Rolling Sea Of Poetry...

Thou art a soft Rolling Sea of Poetry,
Rolling, rolling, rolling all day o'er me.
Graceful and light thine eyes spark such Great Fires
Inside of my Spirit that these Desires
Ne'er seem'st to fade into lighter Amber
Hues than the glow of a Burning Ember.
Embers in my Soul burn only for thee,
My Love, wash'd o'er with thy soft wind daily.
Libra, just another Name for my Heart;
Venus, just another Ray thou impart
Unto my Soul's Aura effortlessly;
And thy Smile spreads sunshine so easily
Across fading mountain ranges' last breath
Of Day as they slowly embrace slow Death,
In the Form of a most Eternal Red
Sunset dying amongst uncertain Dread...
That thy Smile may one day cease to exist.
Thy Voice - my Soul's Music - shall ne'er resist
Sweetly singing in tune with all've Nature's
Psalms as they rise in the Morn and nutures
Ev'ry single living creature.

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Brett White 12 May 2018

Honour the Sabbath, worship the Lord, and hate all that is evil.

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Brett White Quotes

Keep hope alive through prayer in your darkest hour.

Always show mercy upon the suffering.

Do not judge anyone ever.

Read more Plutarch, Virgil, Isaiah, Dante, and Montaigne.

Never give up on yourself.

Keep the flame of self-love ever burning.

Do not ever be wicked to anyone.

When you fail, ask God for guidance, and try again.

Guard your health like you guard your life.

Never give up on what the heart aches to find.

Gentle patience overcomes what ardent fire cannot conquer.

Prayer soothes the most troubled seas' soul.

Fear God. Timor Dei. Φοβάστε τον Θεό/Fováste ton Theó. Craignez Dieu. Féld Istent. Temed a Dios. Temi Dio.

Love God. Amor Dei. Αγαπήστε τον Θεό (Agapíste ton Theó) . Szereted Istent. Aime Dieu. Ama a Dios. Amo Dio. אוהב את אלוהים.

Lord God of Heaven, please protect me, in the name of Christ. Dominum Deum coeli, protegas me, obsecro, in nomine Christi. Κύριε Θεό των Ουρανών, παρακαλώ προστατέψτε με, στο όνομα του Χριστού. Kýrie Theó ton Ouranón, parakaló prostatépste me, sto ónoma tou Christoú. Uram, Mennyország Istenem, kérlek, védj meg engem, Krisztus nevében. Seigneur Dieu du ciel, protège-moi, au nom du Christ. Señor Dios del cielo, por favor protégeme, en el nombre de Cristo. Signore Dio del cielo, per favore proteggimi, nel nome di Cristo. Signore Dio del cielo, per favore proteggimi, nel nome di Cristo.

Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God, without imminent retaliation from Ouranos.

A day without giving Sincere thanks to God for all the Blessings of Life is a day wasted.

Writing purifies the soul..

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Brett White Popularity

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