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She was attractive
Persuasive in a way, I remember
Oh! A beautiful monster.
Her heart was big

Don't say it, I know the story
I can read your face. It has it all
Because each time I lied, my chances faded away
But at least we had a moment before

Love rules a King's empire
Without a shield, haft and a sword
We can fall in it like in water
Drawn and mortify

I have been quiet for long
At war with love, you should know
I'm at the point of breaking
And what's even worse?

I walk down the solitary street
Heading towards the heartbreak resort
And ask for a favorite
'I can't make it without you' drink

Wheel of fortune
Don't pass me by
Get me a lovely girl
She will always thrill in my presence

I can't see myself, when you smile;
I see something more beautiful than you.
The Time we spent together whenever I am with you,
Makes me always think of you,

I have steamy staff in lots
That I want to say to you in privacy
If only you listen to me speak in your heart
During the night, before you sleep

Gone miss me
I smell, feel and touch
That generous smile
Beneath your wide mouth

You have beautiful eyes
A wonderful smile, gentle indeed
Your hair like silk
And those lips? So tender


Am passionate and impetuous
Amiable and compassionate
Adaptable and adventurous
Artistic and loyal to a fault

Am a king, I was born
flame the candles, come my way
bow to my crown, bow to the greatness
down your linen, walk to the jungle

He won't kiss you as I did
He won't sex you as I did
He won't sing to you the way I did
He won't fetch you red roses as I did

I was late for class, I remember
He asked me to explain why before forty eyes
That is when my eyes first met yours
You were the prettiest girl


I can dine with the angels
I can walk to the moon
I can catch a falling star
I can hold the wind

You got a story they don't know
Your beauty shines with the stars
When am near you, I just can't find my breathe
Because you steal it away

I am still looking for you
You left before we got too far.

Sometimes I think of you

You see,
I have been writing symphonies
Symphonies about two symphonists
I could only think of us

Hello princess,
The Angel of my life
The love I feel for you is so strong
Life is no longer a song of blue

l want to crample
Fall and pass out
In calm assurance
Of your glimmering love.

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Beautiful Monster

She was attractive
Persuasive in a way, I remember
Oh! A beautiful monster.
Her heart was big
With secrets never untold.
How she possessed me
Stole my heart away
Destroyed it, killed it, demeaned it
Remains an eternal labyrinth.
Thereafter, I rose from hell
Shook of her dirt
At times I would roll around
Feeling the heat beneath deception
Wailing like a big baby
Kicking this and that
I would spell my encounter with her
To the lonely house we lived.
How she packed and left,
How he stole her away before my daylight eyes,
What her goodbye left in me ever since,
Despair, solid tears and a lovely gloomy face.

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Not Important 23 May 2018

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Brian Ben 28 April 2017

awesome poems. keep it a blaze

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there is nothing impossible. only change your attitude and everything will be possible.

love is like money. it cant be hidden.

impossible is a myth.

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