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Shining brilliant in the dark of night,
introduction only after lack of flight.

Quickly, wings went through a transe


I sat willingly in a chair.
A chair of fear and indecision.
I sat there because you said you care.
Letting breath a life worth living.

Broken though you hold me togather
Promises that are empty.
Love as a song...soon to go off.
My heart is the wounded petals you asked for.

I felt its fingers befor I saw its smile.
It tugged me gently out of my slumber smiled and embraced me.
Clothed in a clowed so white man has never known.
A rainbow about its feet and golden crown upon his head.

Why think ye, dear child, that ye stand alone?
Surely, I too, though mine time hath gone.
I hath been stepped upon, also left to be singled.
Thy's heart is not the only one to hath been mingled.

Broken pieces of a mingled heart screams in defiance.
Abandoned and left to bleed by its twisted alliance.
Longing for the fingers that once held the peices together.
They dropped the shreds, left it to bleed forever.

Lost peices seek only to find
Two twisted broken hearts bind.
Not all of the peices fit.
The ones that are left alone, that's it.

You've heard of the line between Love and Hate?
People lied. In actuality that line is great.
So great that on it you can stand.
From way up high, you can see all the land.


A piece of U hang around my neck.
It was Urs, though it was a part of me.
My touch! Yes, delivered with Ur hand but it belonged to me.
As i belonged to U.

I allowed boredom to caress my lips with its dull fingers and whispered sweet nothings in my ear.
I welcomed its tongue as it slid down the base of my throat to the top of my breast.
Smiling at the feel of its breath along my spine, boredom promised release and ease.
I giggled while it crept over my body in the most exotic way.

Cautiously I walk, carefully I watch.
I am not allowed to dance amoung filth.
Or play with sand
Not allowed to touch everything with my hand.

You mourn and sob
So do I
You look and can not see
i look and see but can not touch

The merging of ice, dust, and rock.
Sheen from the wings of a fairy, the tear of a mermaid forms a block.
Twisting and turning, spinning together it takes flight.
Off like and imaginable jet, it reaches amazing height.

Cupid's Arrow
I wish I could have seen
to perhaps decribe it
all I can say is the wound it left was blue.

The very last word that fell from your lips
before you gave your all
befor you lost the stars
before your sanity went to Mars

So much happens in the bathroom stalls.
Cute yet odd writings all over their walls.

Its seen smiles, tears, and blood drops too.

Conviction not Condomnation
Love not Lust
Understanding not Inertpretation
Feeling without Assumption

Beautiful brown eyes filled with sorrow,
Perfectly full lips set to a frown.
Her once glorious world is now burning down.
Heart peirced with agony from the fall,

In her wake the trail of broken hearts burn.
Shooting fire and ice all about her.
Though she is blind..she sees. The bowing of the Evergreens.
The farewell of the morning dews. The tears of the Ravens.

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Swords Alone, Can Not Rule A Nation

So loudly you let your pain be so seen.
Ignoring all together the allure of a simple pen and paper.
I, however, utilize the blankness of a sheet. Beautifing it with letters that forms words which makes sentences. And that! That which is fascinating is more than capable to pierce the hearts of those who are willing to listen. Notice, I did not say 'hear', but 'listen'. Take it in and apply it to the very core of your mind and the wheels of your heart. Inhale that whitch is magnificent and exhale immaculate power! Power to grab the attention of those who the world think insignificent. Power to snatch the hearts of those who hold political control. The power to grant a smile to the down and out and yank the Joy from deep within the sorrowful and throw it amoungst the people for all to behold. The purest form of Power. And all this can come from a blank sheet of paper, a quiet ginenus with a burning in her soul holding a pen. Power comes from greatness! Swords alone can not win a war nor rule a nation! No, no, you must stir the hearts of the solders and breathe sight into the noble men. For without words there is no vision, without vision there is no leadership and without leadership there is no Nation.

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