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His dark brown hair
His pleading eyes
Begging me
Not to say goodbye

Im here for you
Always, for anything
To share in the good times
In the bad, take away the pain

For such a long time I've wanted you, waited for you
Back then it wasn't what you wanted, but now you do

I can't tell if you're playing, or if what you say is true

The perfect family
Or so it seems
All the children
Shining like beams

Hitting rock bottom
He lays in the dirt
Fed up with this life
Broken and hurt

You know you hold it
The key to my heart
And that gives you the power
To keep us together

My heart and my head
Which one shall I follow
The discrepancy between the two
Is hard to swallow

Isn’t it funny how all of a sudden you care
But when we were together you were never there
Isn’t it funny how to make me jealous you’re with her
But when you see me with him, everything starts to blur

I wish you would call in the morning
To show you are thinking of me
I wish you would stop by my work
If only five minutes each other we'd see

He lives in a world
Absent of light
Darkness overtaking
All aspects of his life

You taught me how to love
Although we were never together
You taught me how to miss
And now I’ll miss you forever

When he looks at me
I feel caught in his gaze
But soon look away
Eyes glued to the ground, unable to raise

They sit there
Starving, nothing to eat
Wet and cold
Nothing more then

In the end will you feel this life was worth it
That you always gave your best, never gave up or quit
That the choices you made were the right ones
That when you look back your regrets are none

I could say im never worried
Say i know you'll be ok
But i would be pretending
For you, every night i pray

Every time I see you
I’m filled with butterflies
I get nervous,
The way I act, I despise

I can still remember
The day when I clicked
Friends for so long
My heart and mind tricked

The way you make me feel
Its not hard to explain
I feel like one of those girls in the movies
Who gets kissed in the rain

My eyes meet his
From across the room
Thoughts of the two of us
Fill me soon

Tears swell her eyes
She begins to cry
As she says her last goodbyes

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I recently started writing poetry, i dont think anything of mine is special in particular, but its a nice release, altho many of the things i write about dont have to do with me, ive never been in love(at least not real love) or suicidal, and def not married, haha,)

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A Hard Goodbye

His dark brown hair
His pleading eyes
Begging me
Not to say goodbye

I explain to him
It’s for his sake
This love of ours
A big mistake

I don’t want to hurt him
I feel so bad
I can see it in his eyes
He looks so sad

Do I tell him the truth
Or spare him with lies
My morals and values
I can’t compromise

So here it is
The truth comes out
My love has faded
Of that there’s no doubt

My feelings before
Are no longer there
I look at him again now
All he can do is stare

His eyes are shimmering
Wet with tears
As he realizes
His greatest fears

I wish I had known
From the start
That I was going to break
This poor kids heart

I know there is something
I must say more
To relinquish this pain
unto him, I have bore

I look down now
Avoiding his stare
I must go on
Because I care

“My time with you
Was truly great
Every memory
Every date”

“Because it wouldn’t be fair
Now, it must end
I cant keep doing this
I can no longer pretend”

“My love for you
Is unfortunately gone
Staying with you now
Could only be wrong”

“Yet, for you
I still do care
Even though this love
I no longer share”

“Don’t be sad
You’ll be okay
I’m sorry if forever
You remember this day”

“I know that you love me
And you always will
First love is always so true
So real”

“Lets leave it at that
As we part
The feeling of first love
Will remain in our hearts”

I looked at him once more
As he started to go
Hope still in his eye
He let out a no

“You cant leave me now
I love you too much
I’ll do anything
To regain your love”

Tears now in my eyes
I gave him one last kiss
Thinking to myself
You, I will miss

I walk away
Him yelling my name
The love we shared
Replaced by pain

I knew in my heart
Love for him could never again be
It had escaped my grasp
I wish he could see

He will get over this
Of that I know
For another girl
His love shall grow

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Jessica Spraggins 26 October 2009

Girl... I must admit i have read only a few of your poems you da' truth with that pad and pen......keep at it. =)

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Luke Gentry 18 January 2009

the one about rejection waz awsome and it has great personality of the writter in it and for a begner writter your realy good

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