Brittany Wright Poems

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What Really Hurts

i never hurt you
i always tried
i loved you
but you hurt me

Crying Over Love

I promised not to get close
And broke my promise
You said you’d love me forever
You broke your promise

Have You Ever?

have you ever cried so hard
that you were gasping for air
your chest hurt
and your eyes were sore

To The Memories

to the memories you'll always keep
like the countless sleepovers you couldn't sleep
the talks that never seemed to end
the inside jokes made with friends

Is It Possible?

is it possible to change the world?
to leave an impact?
to alter one persons perspective on life?

Numb To A Feeling

its sad when you're numb
numb to a feeling
its sad its just the motion
with no passion or emotion

Breathing As One

Pushing together
And feeling whole
Breathing as one
Mind, body and soul


Feeling the energy rush through my skin
Wanting my soul to escape from within
Clenching my fist i just want to scream
Feeling so powerful almost like in a dream

His Face

Wipes her tears as she sighs
No one here to see her cry

Now his sweatshirts, is all she holds

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