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Loneliness is a festering boil.

Say the fullness of my bones,
can be whittled and honed.

What little creatures
live in my garden?
Snails and locusts,
avail by my pardon.

Thousands of megalitres
of silted tidal surge flow in / out
between the forested mountains
and the protected bay of islands.

Love is in the air and,
I want to watch your derriere,
swing as you walk to the
bedroom to get changed,

I dream in vivid color.
I dreamt of grim death.
The Reaper's henchmen,
were gathering the lame.

Quitting the puffer in my dreams,
but when I try my body screams.
Telling me to get some nicotine.
I have a blind spot so it seems.

My girlfriend is good to me!
Sometimes if I'm grumpy
She becomes all sulky.
I must learn to remain happy.

Romance binds you both.
Two vested interests.
Two partners motivated.
One evolving story.

Would you agree
that we,
[the poets]
have come to see

Summer heat is beating me down to the ground.
The radiation of the sun melting my skin.
Winter chill is not really that chilly between sunrise and sunset.
I look forward to the fresh air as it feels clean to breath.

He contemplated his being.
He decided he would try again.
He'd do things differently and
remember his lessons learnt.

All the world's a stage but,
is the starvation just theatrics?
Are the car wrecks part of it too?
Is the hardship real or an act?


The flowering fields,
at the mountains haunch,
provided sanctuary,
and respite.

Lament of melancholy and
sounds of mystique.
Is the music of ancestors
on the winds of time.

A win in always followed by a loss.
Destiny decides and she's the boss.
We need a natural balance created.
And 'anarchists' are truly hated.

Raucous laughter filled the room.
As mum chased him with a wooden spoon.
The little boy spoke too soon,
as his mother cornered the pint-sized goon.

The rush,
consumes a desperado.
And when the croupier,
rolls the dice -

A labyrinth of thought.
Looking inward at a
rippled reflection and
seeing the infinite

Opinion was always
provided by Journo's.
Then the internet came


If we move faster than light travels
we pass quickly through time [E=mc2].
What if an afterlife exists in which
we just float in the ether, tethered?

Brook Renwick Biography

I have been in love with a living angel since 1998. She has rescued me.
I like playing the guitar and painting / drawing with the computer.
Recently I discovered I like writing poetry also.

The Best Poem Of Brook Renwick

Ode To Love

Loneliness is a festering boil.

Say the fullness of my bones,
can be whittled and honed.
Can be carved and crushed.
If I displease you and such.
For the sake of simplicity,

I do complain,
But, my faults are all gained,
From the culture at hand.
A culture of such grand, grand

And to you, I will tend,
To avoid the pits of oblivion!
To avoid that path,
where few of us can laugh,
At the pain.

At loneliness.

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I really don't think it's ironic that health and freedom sometimes cost our life savings. We live within a system where we must generate capital and inflate the value of the important stuff for better or worse.

Let it be! You'll feel a lot better.

If we move with the light then we move quickly through time. Before we understand this we must question everything and there is most certainly a reason for everything.

A win is always followed by a loss so that a natural balance is created.

'Some people are so poor that all they have is money.' - Bob Marley

Firstly you must dream and then rationalize all of the stress along the way.

There's a good reason why Koala's don't play bouncy - bouncy at the end of long, flexible branches. Animals have a keen sense of intuition.

We work so that we can better appreciate the relaxation time and we get meaning from relaxation time, pursuing hobbies.

Under no circumstances should any form of laughter be directed at a serious man! Lest one never laugh again.

I don't believe we are made in God's image. God cannot be comprehended.

Sometimes poetry unwinds on the page effortlessly, barely pausing for breath.

The most difficult time in a person's life is adjusting to the big world after leaving school.

If we think with our muscles we only dig our hole deeper and deeper. Eventually we end up in jail.

Sometimes things get really serious. I mean like the expectations of a stern person at the corner store.

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Brook Renwick Popularity

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