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81. The Rise Of Mankind 9/12/2009
82. An Artist Has A Revelation 9/13/2009
83. A True? 9/13/2009
84. Chasing The Now 9/13/2009
85. A Sardonic Thought Form 9/13/2009
86. The Cosmic Wish Store 6/7/2009
87. Answer 9/5/2009
88. A What Am I Trying To Do? 9/16/2009
89. Here Is I 9/16/2009
90. A Sensing Of Parallel Constructs 9/17/2009
91. Our Imaginary Worlds 9/18/2009
92. How Poem Became To Be 9/20/2009
93. A Taste Of Living 9/21/2009
94. A Mystical Dragon..... 9/5/2009
95. Hold On Please 9/29/2009
96. I Wandered..... 10/4/2009
97. Opening The Gates Of Heaven 10/9/2009
98. Look At Your Life As A Do It Yourself Project 10/9/2009
99. To A Friend 10/11/2009
100. The Mystical School Of Arts & Sciences 10/14/2009
101. What Inspires A Poet Such As I? 10/17/2009
102. Intelligence Enters When 10/18/2009
103. The Lady & The Dragonfly 10/23/2009
104. Have You Been Somewhere? 10/29/2009
105. A Few Ideas 10/1/2009
106. Sometimes Dreams Don'T Come True 10/31/2009
107. Poet's Advice 12/6/2009
108. Idea Sequences 12/7/2009
109. Things Of Unrealized 12/13/2009
110. We Are As God Created Us 12/13/2009
111. Who Could Of Wrote This? 1/10/2010
112. Pain That Transforms 1/14/2010
113. Imagine That! 3/18/2010
114. Remember: The Joy Of Good 3/18/2010
115. Emerging From God? 4/20/2010
116. Wait I’ll Guess! 11/6/2009
117. My Silver-Rose Word 12/1/2009
118. All Is Imagination 8/15/2009
119. This Is The Blessing 7/26/2009
120. Dryland 5/31/2009

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12 New Ideas

These twelve new ideas are the result of an individual's experience. We are creative beings...we are all co-creators.

1. We admitted we are powerful creative beings, that our lives are direct reflection of our use of our inner creative imaginative spirit.

2. We now understand and know that a power greater than ourselves moves to us and through us; even when we don't feel it.

3. We now make a decision to open ourselves to a greater creative expression in our daily life by creating new work, play and art.

4. We inventory our ideas and lives to become aware and ...

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If It Were My Last Day

If it were my last day, just what would I do?
Would I charter a plane to Timbuktu?
Would I make a special work of art for all to view?

If it were my last day what would I do? I know I wouldn't waste time trying to buy something new. I might write a verse especially for you.

If it were my last day one thing I would do, organize my will and pray alot too.

If it were my last day I'd call my enemies and friends,

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