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When you kissed me, you kissed my soul
When you'd say you loved me I felt the pull
The want for existence, the need to feel whole

Familiar pains are awakening in me again
They want to play with the darkness within

She is a fantasy to those who choose that to believe

You're getting by, getting by
You cant stop shouting to the night sky
and you're getting by but dont want to, wont admit how or why
You're on a path to meet the devil again

I look into your eyes to see a sunrise.
We look into each other to find bluer skies.
It's taking me by surprise, it's not lies
when I'm lying next to you and you're sighing.

I stared at a blank page today I tried to write what was on my mind but other thoughts blew it away

I followed the wind to write a book thinking they’d figure out what the author was trying to convey but the cover was all they saw it was enough for them to say they’d read it some other day

What is hidden beneath your blanket of words that you’ve spread so evenly into my head?

A blanket of snow so white, like a sheet, it’s coming up off my feet, it’s falling off the bed

My heart aches
I'm beginning to shake 
I feel asleep but I'm half awake, about to break
Half asleep or lost reality

I feel heaviness in my chest
The crowded air won't let me rest
I feel like there are walls inside me
And they're closing up, and I can't breathe

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Reborn From Ashes

When you kissed me, you kissed my soul
When you'd say you loved me I felt the pull
The want for existence, the need to feel whole

I was born again like a phoenix from its ashes
I tried to tell you I cant change what my past is
Now without you its a disease, a spreading cancer and its masses

It's leaking to my brain and I just cant think straight
I try so hard but I'm stuck in this numb state
No matter how hard I try my efforts steer one direction, one place

I need to be in your arms or I get sick
In the head, in my body, but mostly in my soul
and the time keeps passing my internal clock louder with each tick

It hurts so badly I know
It's no ones fault but my own
I'm the one that let you slip, let you go

I'll scream your name until I'm blue in the face
I'm screaming to the stars, I've been screaming for days
It's heavens way of giving me the angel, a small taste, only to then take him away

Only to watch me kill him, watch me fail
Like they knew when real became really real, I'd bail
Check the wind and away with my heart I'd sail

My heart is so swollen from the constant creation of my tears
It swells and aches for loosing you was my biggest fear
And futures have become more than unclear

I lost my angel and helped to clip his wings
I have no right to feel what this brings
All I can do is wait until the days he sings

He will sing again, my fallen angel will regain his wings
The only thing I can hope for is that when he does, its with me
When he does so, maybe we can be happy

The pain will subside and the memories will remain
We'll notice it from time to time, we're forever stained
But like the phoenix we can be reborn again

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