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7. The Blanket 9/10/2015
8. July 16,2015 10/7/2015
9. October 10,2015 10/14/2015
10. Reborn From Ashes 1/3/2015
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Reborn From Ashes

When you kissed me, you kissed my soul
When you'd say you loved me I felt the pull
The want for existence, the need to feel whole

I was born again like a phoenix from its ashes
I tried to tell you I cant change what my past is
Now without you its a disease, a spreading cancer and its masses

It's leaking to my brain and I just cant think straight
I try so hard but I'm stuck in this numb state
No matter how hard I try my efforts steer one direction, one place

I need to be in your arms or I get sick
In the head, in my body, but mostly in my soul
and ...

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