buried alive

buried alive Poems

1. Love Her And Leave Her 12/25/2015
2. Taking Me Down To Be There With Her 12/28/2015
3. The Girl From Hippie.Com 2/21/2016
4. He Comes For Me 2/23/2017
5. A- Loved To Death 3/19/2017
6. Anatomy Of Adolescent Fantasy 3/24/2017
7. The Damnation Of My Soul 4/13/2011
8. An Undead Love 4/13/2011
9. Waiting For God To Come 3/27/2011
10. Until Sunrise Never Comes 3/28/2011
11. The Stealer Of My Soul 3/25/2017
12. Suicide Dreamer 12/22/2006
13. At Half Past Hell, She Comes.Through My Dreams 1/27/2011
14. To Liive And Die In The Bronx - The Prequel 12/19/2006
15. My Cemetery Days 3/30/2011
16. Dead Lullabies 4/12/2011
17. Never Love A Woman Who Writes You A Poem 3/25/2017
18. Only Tears And Dreams 3/26/2017
19. Sweet Talker 3/26/2017
20. God Loved Her Soul 12/23/2015
21. Do You Really Believe? 12/24/2015
22. Poetic Stalker 3/28/2017
23. Deep Of The Water 5/9/2011
24. Beauty Fades 3/28/2017
25. Escape From The Bronx 4/2/2017
26. Making The Most Of Your Eternity 3/27/2017
27. Dead Memories Never Die 12/20/2006
28. Would You Still Love Me 3/30/2011
29. - - - - 12/18/2006
30. What Lies Below The Willow 2/11/2011
31. Across The Blood Of Time 12/19/2006
Best Poem of buried alive

Across The Blood Of Time

And they've come
and they've gone.
They've lived
and they've died.
by the billions!
that have ever dwelled upon this world.
Fleeting lives
reduced to dust.
and to what end!
what purpose!
Ancient armies
gutted and disembowled upon their swords
Soldiers of world wars,
cleaved by bullets, their brain matter spread across their uniforms like medals.
Human grenades
detonated in explosions of limb and gore!

And God!
a God that promises ever lasting life
with the power to end it all!
but allows this mayhem to continue ...

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Dead Memories Never Die

Dead memories-
they dont die!
....... in the graveyard of your mind.

Ressurrected back to life
they feed
the nightmares of your night!

From deep, cerebral slumber
come dead memories you'l remember-
.......the ones you thought you buried alive,

but dead memories
never die!


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