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Young woman!
I‘ve never seen you here before,

In fields of white crosses our heroes lay
In tombs marked with boldness
The courage they displayed
So let's remember in every way


Until the nameless prejudice
and unspoken mockery of systemic

Cries, screams from children
Dried mouth, thirsty and hungry
Packed in horse drawn carts
Like little herrings

Dreamers dream no more of peace
Soldiers see no end to wars
Victory slips by, heroes go with it.
Generals seek peace only on battle fields

Don’t cry when I am gone
I will be ok
Just as I was on my first day at school
It was ok


Ordeals and struggles
Reduced to rubble

I have experienced pain
Undeserving and vivid pain
Pains of rejection and pains prejudice
Pain when my rights were wronged.

From the struggles of yesterday, today I shine
I have climbed from the ghetto that had me blind.
I was scorned by the curse of black stereotype
But my life has changed and today I shine

Come lets go sailing tonight
On the ocean that ignites your fire
And awakes your passion.
So that your artesian well of love will flow


She is hot, she is flashy
She is downright saucy
A real beauty.
Some call her cutie


I want to touch your saintly hair
And smell your breath like morning air.
Rich men seek to touch your cheeks
But that is way beyond their reach.

My breath on your face
Yours on mine
Fresh as wind
Soft and cool

Early that morning
From our back door, I saw you walking
Dew was still on the grass
Traces of your foot prints

Return to me let me smell your sweet perfume
Not lavender, though that was good
The roses were just as sweet.
What I missed even more was your splash of love.

The passion of these words tell a story
A story deeper than you want to reach
Further than you want to see,
Stronger than you want to believe

I saw you from a distance running
Like angel's wings, your arms outstretched
Leaping effortlessly, fueled by the wind.
Yet the leaves on the trees stood still.

Isn't it funny, how you judge me?
You look at my hair and say I'm crazy
It is woolly and you call it kinky
Who cares what you think?

Dust on tranquil streets
Seldom disturbed by gusty wind.
Trees no more barren by residue of war
Filled with fruits and fresh leaves.


Youthful looks someday change
Hair turn grey as we aged,
Wrinkled skin through the years
Sight fades at different range.

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This Street Life


Young woman!
I‘ve never seen you here before,
This inspires me even more.

I “m not as old, as I may seem
But for years, that’s how its been

You see that woman on that bench?
Her first few years, made so much sense.

Today I know, she does regret
The situation, she did not address.

I ‘m sure that you would not like
To take a chance at this street life.

Many men and women too,
Walked this street just like you.

They believed, that it was right,
To sleep by day and work at night.

But just after their first big bite,
Their second slice, was not as nice.

Now back to what I said before,
I need to tell you, something more.

In life they’re things, we do ignore,
But some mistakes we just can’t cure
If you could just prevent this plight
Your future, would be so much bright.

At your age, you may not know
The seeds you are, about to sow

Even though it may not show,
The survival rate, is very low
I may not know you good enough
But let me add, this friendly touch
This street life its way too rough.

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