C. Albert Andrews

We Are Not There Yet - Poem by C. Albert Andrews


Until the nameless prejudice
and unspoken mockery of systemic
humiliation are eradicated
We are not there yet

Until institutionalised inequity
is addressed and those responsible
adequately punished
We are not there yet

Until loopholes
encouraging subtle discrimination,
and disdain for anything
diverse are no longer ignored
We are not there yet

Until words of discouragement,
used to misguide our youth
in their formative years,
at schools and colleges
are no longer tolerated
We are not there yet

Until our youth no longer suffer stereotype
Due to their manner of dress or cars they drive
and routine or random stops are genuine
and not only for the color of their skin
We are not there yet

Until the water is no longer smooth for few
And rough for others
Where success is measured equally
and rewarded fairly
We are not there yet

Until racism and social injustice
are no longer de-emphasized
in high offices
and disparity between
whites and people of color,
no longer exist
We are not there yet

Until the freedom we deserve
is confronted and demanded,
when men and women of colour
no longer creep
but race across even plains
We are not there yet

We are not
We are not there
We are not there yet
Our journey continues.
Because we are not there yet

Carl Albert Andrews

Comments about We Are Not There Yet by C. Albert Andrews

  • Jefferson Carter (1/3/2014 2:10:00 PM)

    Albert, the problem with political poems and poems about social injustice is they too often turn into preaching, and usually preaching to the choir that already agrees with the poet. To me, fresh language and powerful, original images make a good poem. I like the fact you repeat We are not there yet because it shows you have a sense of form, that your words are trying to do more than convey an admirable sentiment. Your best stanza is the penultimate one (see my revision below): instead of bald statement, you use a metaphor that engages the reader's imagination AND delivers the message. You should focus your poetic efforts on imagery, metaphor, surprising diction.. If you're interested, I'll send you a list of good contemporary poets who might guide and inspire you. JC

    [until] men and women of colour
    no longer creep
    but race across even plains
    We are not there yet
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  • Mike Barrett (11/18/2013 10:45:00 AM)

    Albert: Structurally sound. Subject focused. Personally, I see all humans as Soul, I'm blind to racial color differences; however, I have no sympathy for the victim mentality no matter which Soul employs it. Look at the Obamas....beautiful people, beautiful Souls. It's unfortunate that the majority of elected Republicans aren't more committed to serving the American public as they are in trying to wrest more from the system thereby serving their own personal greedy ends. (Report) Reply

  • Bri Edwards (11/15/2013 7:24:00 PM)

    a fantastic assessment of we are not there yet. i hope you will be more satisfied with advances before you die. i have done a little bit for equality, but not a lot. that is the way of the world. one question: is there a reason why you used both of color and of colour? sometimes, since i have british commenwealth friends on ph, i use both humor and humour. thanks for sharing. :) i've sent to MyPoemList. (Report) Reply

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 21, 2013

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