Life's Cycle Poem by C. Albert Andrews

Life's Cycle

Rating: 3.3

Don’t cry when I am gone
I will be ok
Just as I was on my first day at school
It was ok
Everything looked strange
But I was ok

Would it be the same?
Would it be difficult?
I don’t know what to expect
I‘ll have to adjust or adapt
I am sure

That will be home
At least for a while
I will accomplish what I set out to
Then I‘ll move on
Not back home as you expect

My profession or my career
Never thought of that?
But no need to
Let’s do it step by step
We will be ok

My under graduate
Masters, PhD.
More than a few years
But I will visit when I can
Often, then not so often.

Once in a while, just short stops
Grab a few things, maybe old pictures
Then I’ll be gone again
You will get used to it.
I am sure you will

Your little girl has grown up
And today she leaves home.
I’ll be a few hours away
I will call, first every day
Then only when I am free

Don’t forget,
Someday I will have a family
My little ones will grow up too
Then I’ll be just like you
I will have to let go.

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: REALITY
This poem is about the reality of growing up and moving on from childhood to grown up. Most of my readers should be able to relate to it.
Khairul Ahsan 03 May 2014

Thanks for inviting me to your poem. I wished you had made a comment or two on my poems before inviting me to do the same. However, I enjoyed your poem and so I write. I had similar thoughts on life's cycle when I saw a crow build a nest. You may read my poem 'Thoughts Spun Around A Nest'. 'My little ones will grow up too Then I’ll be just like you I will have to let go.' - Yes, this is life's cycle! Best wishes, and happy writing!

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Wang Qian 03 May 2014

Nice poem! I can simply relate to the feeling inside.

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