Captain Cur

Freshman - 595 Points (Born Late 1600's Date of Death Unknown / England)

Captain Cur Poems

81. Evil Of Our Birth 7/23/2014
82. Exacting Gods 8/27/2012
83. Eyelets Of A Faceless Sea, (Love Letters To A Lady Of Renown) 5/17/2014
84. False Document Of Your Flesh, (Love Letters To A Lady Of Renown) 6/28/2014
85. False Echoing Reply, Love Poems 4/5/2013
86. False Truth Steadfast Climbs 5/10/2014
87. Fancy Bows And Ribbons Made Of Red 5/30/2014
88. Fault Lines In My Heart 5/28/2015
89. Feedbag Of Her Guile 5/8/2013
90. Female Essence I Adore 6/19/2013
91. Feral Pleasure 4/25/2014
92. Flow Flames, Portrait Poems 9/2/2012
93. Foresting Love Through The Ages 6/24/2014
94. Fornicating In The Bowels Of Unswerving Reason 9/22/2014
95. Fortuitous Love, Love Poems 4/24/2013
96. Freakish Moon, Genre Poems 9/1/2012
97. Gardens Of Poetic Verse 8/2/2014
98. Gently Stirs The Breeze, Villanelle 7/28/2014
99. Goddess At The Gate -new- 6/22/2017
100. Gods That Show No Mercy 4/19/2014
101. Grace Me Should I Die, (Love Letters To A Lady Of Renown) 7/18/2014
102. Graduating From The Rhythmic Pangs 7/15/2015
103. Grand Ocean Of Want, (Love Letters Written To A Lady Of Renown) 6/14/2014
104. Greenhouse Of My Soul 5/12/2014
105. Greening Of My Soul (From: Songbook Of My Heart) 5/16/2014
106. Guide Me Toward Your Foreign World, (Love Letters To A Lady Of Renown) 8/8/2014
107. Heart Of Isle Curdi, Pirate Adventures (7) 1/26/2013
108. Hereafter 5/17/2014
109. High Priestess Of The Cave, Pirate Adventures (10) 2/3/2013
110. Holy Temple Of Dread, Pirate Adventures (12) 2/16/2013
111. Honesty Forgiven 5/22/2013
112. How When I Will Reach You, Love Poems 8/29/2012
113. I Compose You Totally 7/27/2014
114. I Laid Down My Sword 7/30/2014
115. I Need You To Live, Love Poems 5/26/2013
116. I Profess My Love For You, (Love Letters From A Lady Of Renown) 5/22/2014
117. I Recite Blind Lines, (Love Letters To A Lady Of Renown) 6/6/2014
118. I Will Become 6/8/2013
119. Ignorance Gives Free 5/13/2013
120. Imagination Proclamation 4/18/2013
Best Poem of Captain Cur

Adagio, Love Poems

Your hair draping down
the side of your face
established before my eyes
a silhouette
that appeared remote,
yet intimately near.

The closeness of your spirit
as intense
as the distance of your gaze.

Your profile,
perfectly framed
against the moving backdropp
of the city,
like a modern sculpture
with classical overtures
delicately poised
on a pedestal of still air
warmly expressing itself.

The adagio of your face,
its quality and range,
momentarily captured
on the canvas of my eye.
Art beyond my ...

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Demon Seas, Part 4

The storm's fierceness returns,
and I grip firm the wheel
which governs the path
I must compass and scale.

I will not repent;
I will only cry out for more;
I have chosen this course;
I will bear the winds roar.

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