Captain Cur Poems

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Endless Blue! Endless Sea!

Endless blue! Endless sea!
Oh! Fluid pulse of eternity.
Here I set my distant sight
on the full moon's guiding light.

Aoide, Silken Is The Falling Moon

Silken is the falling moon
her light gently cast above this place
Aoide's crumbling shrine,
I touch these stones and think of her

Picking Daisies In The Sun, Love Poems

I tossed a love poem to the sea,
I told it swim, my words, I let you free.
They came to rest upon an isle's golden sand,
they declared not that they were written by my hand.

Night again came, I sailed that Viking boat
To Byzantium, the prize I vainly sought.
Oh! the storms they raged; sunny days were few
There is no escaping fate, this I always knew!

Unconditional Love

That which loves unconditionally
is unconditionally loved.
If you believe yourself unloved
you have terms and conditions.

Does Poetry More Fulfill Your Mind

If in thy youth were made to find
poetry more fulfilled your mind
than machinations or the rest
consider your soul doubly blest.

Trust In What You Write

My muse demands study in all her ways to know
Risk the flames that bellow and cause the mind to glow
Then with heart afire and lettered in this pain
Truth and love's poetic voice surely will obtain.

Adagio, Love Poems

Your hair draping down
the side of your face
established before my eyes
a silhouette

Stealth Of Your Kiss, Love Poems

It is in what is small,
what is least about you,
what is recessed,
what is channeled

Come Young Pirates, Of Guanche Women It Was Said (36)

Of Guanche women; it was said,
adorned in jewels, fruits and palms;
'quite irresistible to their men.'
Known as a hardy race,

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