Dragonfire Poem by Captain Cur


Rating: 5.0

From origins and tales unknown
Intrepid adventurers traveled alone
And found lying in a recessed cave
A green and white bespecked egg.

One took it as a relic to prize
While its dreamy beauty touched his eye
Then lost to the ages a century or more
A thing of legend and village lore.

Then from the forest a creature appeared
With four short legs and deep set ears
A reptile, a snake, they couldn't be sure
And hunted the creature to its front door.

And there it stood, small, wilful and wild
They approached to kill the hissing child
To their horror and utter dismay,
Echoes of their screams still sounding today.

The smoke sent up great alarm
Flames were leaping from arm to arm
The trees unmoved, they couldn't see
They couldn't run, they couldn't flee.

Then in the sky, a strange bird dived
Somersaulting to astonished eyes
While winging itself and flying erect
Turned its long serpentine neck.

Now it screeched, a grinding sound
And swung its body full around
On its back sharp jutting fins
Which cut like razors through the wind.

The air was filled with smoky haze
Like an old book's yellowing page,
They thought this sight most very odd
And ventured the field in the sod.

The thing fell sudden, swooping low
Catching the sunlight, wings aglow,
There they faced its glint and ire
And were burned to a crisp by

On this day a legend was born;
Men sent warnings on their horn,
Wolves were howling and doves were scared
The creature ate whatever it cared.

But how did it make the fire?
What in its belly did it require?
How did the fuel brew within
Spewing its compounds into the wind?

This is a mystery alchemists solve
Through long thought and steel resolve
Mixing elements on a whim
Combining methane with oxygen!

Overjoyed at what they found
A fireball rising all around,
Only themselves to witness it
The alchemists burned to a crisp.

The beast of course must suffer a name,
What would befit its lovely flame?
It surely must have escaped the sun
So they called the beast, a Dragon!

For centuries it few about,
Heros came to face their doubt
But their slings and arrows always missed
And each received a farewell kiss.

Wizards and trolls, elves and orcs
Climbed its mountain holding a torch
To burn the beast where it lie
And stare the demon in the eye.

The conversation carried along,
The dragon was interested then it got bored
A little hobbit snuck inside
And wiggled beneath its flaming eye.

Not I guess as the story goes
Singed from his tiny head to his toe
All the rest placed on a pyre
And burned to a crisp by

And the dragon is now serving
in the Trump White House
burning the whole country down.

Thursday, January 14, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: dragon,fire
Rose Marie Juan-austin 19 January 2021

Another poetic gem, Captain Cur. To my Poem List

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 19 January 2021

A one of a kind story woven by a one of a kind pen.

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Rebecca Navarre 16 January 2021

And Thank you for sharing! ..

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Rebecca Navarre 16 January 2021

Interestingly and beautifully told! .. Even though such sorrow it holds! ..5 Stars ++++++++++++.......................

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Kostas Lagos 14 January 2021

The lord of the rings! To my favorites

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