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If a name defines you
Then my name is heartbroken
My heart was shattered
Along time ago

wrtie me a poem.
why don't you write me a poem?

you other girls get cars and money.


people make it sound like such a chore
like they can't even bare to do it anymore

but they can't know how good it felt

Falling into this underground cave,
where the dark has no light to crave,
finding a land that has been lost,
with the creatures of a long frost.

theres a man
who makes me feel
like a queen when he goes deep inside me

please let me die
im so tired.


love is beuatiful
yet horrible

I'm gonna cry
Why did you do this
Can't handle this
Where's my blade

well you say that you don't believe me when i say
i love you.
but i know my heart
and what i feel is real.


I have so many wounds
big ones
small ones
and all different sorts

You think you're big and bad when you push me around.
leaving blood on my clothes and the walls.

Look at the way she falls on the floor
Weeping, crying, begging to stay.
He look down at her with cool calculation,
thinking she was nothing but a frustration.

When the world dies,
and your spirit falls,
what to do with the question that calls.

I don't even remember why we're fighting.

I don't want to go to bed mad at you,

I see my bestfriend
walking down the hall
i see her smile and wave
and i feel my heart fall

i suck at this life
like i sucked at the last.
no questions
no anwsers

Bottomless black pit,
sucking me in.

Point of no return,

The fortress is crumbling down
all signs of hope now forever vanished.

No one to understand

The Tide
The Spill Canvas
Verse #1


why did you hurt me so?
i gave you my heart and my soul.
but you decided it wasn't good enough for you

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If a name defines you
Then my name is heartbroken
My heart was shattered
Along time ago
Now I keep my broken heart in a bottle
When I try to open the bottle
It refuses
It remembers the heartache
And the pain
And I refuse to heal
No one can open the bottle
Not mom or dad
Not Katie or Simone
Only he can
He can open the bottle
He can when ever he likes
He's the one person
Who can twist god and manipulate my heart
And can heal it with one touch
I can't move on
Not until he opens my bottle
And touches the Broken pieces of my heart
Since a name defines you
My name is heartbroken

written by bleeding mascara

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**Pirate** Love*~Magic~Man 05 December 2008

You give me the WooHz! Must pay to bay dues, Mascara your my fav.Mues.

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Richard Jarboe 08 November 2006

OK Carissa I'll write you a poem: Poems sometimes are hard to write, But, I'm gonna write Carissa a poem tonight Her list of poems go from 1 to 8 They include a little love; They include a little hate, But one thing for sure, Her heart is pure. And though she's just gettin' started, I know she'll endure. (I'm not kidding, good luck.)

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